My Orders

Altrady - Crypto Academy brings you a step by step process to set up your Altrady crypto trading experience!


My Orders widget shows all your open and closed orders.
For every order you can see:

  • The date and time of the order
  • The market name, clicking on it will open the market, replacing the current one. You can right-click it to open in a new tab and other options.
  • The type of an order
  • The Side, either buy or sell
  • The Amount
  • The price at which the trade happened
  • How much of the order has been filled
  • The total amount of quote coin spent on this order

You may use the filter to see:

  • Open or Closed orders;
  • Order just for the selected market, or for all markets.

Also you can edit or remove orders by clicking the pencil or trash icon.