Altrady - Crypto Academy brings you a step by step process to set up your Altrady crypto trading experience!


The trading widget lets you place buy and sell orders from the Altrady platform without having to go to your exchange terminal.

The trading widget adjusts to the widget widths on your layout if the widget is narrow you will have to switch between buy and sell sides by clicking at the top of the widget.

If there is enough space you will see both buy and sell sides at the same time.

At the top of your trading widget, you will find your balance for the selected market.

Below that you can see different order types such as market order limit, order stop-limit order limit ladder, and Osio or one cancels the other order.

Please note that some order types may not be available on some exchanges, the fields below are different for each trading type but most of them have price you can enter it manually.

Select from bid-ask or last price on the market or pick the price from the chart by clicking the crosshair icon and then picking the price on the chart spend or sell the number of coins you are going to spend to receive the other coin you can enter the amount manually or set any percentage of your total coins amount

Buy or receive the number of coins you will receive once the trade will be executed.

You can use the lock icons traders use it to lock one of the amounts spend or buy when they adjust the price, to do that simply click the lock to change it.

Once your order is ready just click the place order button and confirm it.

If you don't want to confirm the trades every time you can use the modal window, just select Auto confirm order below the buttons and you can find your balance.

Information for the selected market shows you how many coins you have available and how many coins are reserved in open orders and the total amount with USD estimation.