Registration & 2FA Setupp

Tutorial Description


Getting started with Altrady is easy!

To create an account, enter your: email address, password, accept the Terms & Privacy policy and click the “Sign Up” button.

Check your email inbox for the confirmation email;

Copy the code and enter the code in Altrady app.

To make your account more secure, we recommend you to use two-factor authentication.

To configure your authenticator, on your smartphone install the Google Authenticator App either from the App Store or Google Play.

Open the app, then scan the QR code shown on the Altrady screen.

You can also manually enter the code on the Google Authenticator App.

Don’t forget to save your backup key!

This will allow you to recover your Authenticator account in case of a phone loss.

Lastly, enter the code you see in the Authenticator to complete your two-factor authentication setup.

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