Best NFTs to Buy for 1 ETH Now: A detailed guide

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Best NFTs to Buy for 1 ETH Now: A detailed guide

Last Update: 2022-05-24

Best NFTs to Buy for 1 ETH Now: A detailed guide

The NFTs market is expanding rapidly, with prices reaching millions for many of the most popular NFTs. With enough funds, buying NFTs from the most popular collections is easy. However, if you're tight on budget, finding reasonably priced NFTs that have the potential to blow up can be challenging. 

So to make things easy for you, we have scoured the NFT market to find the best NFT projects for you that you can buy even if you have less than 1ETH. 

Best NFTs to Buy in 2022

Following are the best NFTs you can buy for 1ETH.

Meta Travelers

Founded in November 2021, this NFT platform is a collection of avatars on a 3D grid that create a metaverse. At launch, 7,777 meta travelers were available, each with a price of 0.09 ETH. Within 15 minutes, all of them were sold out, proving the credibility of this platform in the online world. The 7,777 avatars released at launch are all from Meta Travelers' first volume, Nibiru. Over one billion unique combinations are possible among these avatars.

You can hold these NFTs for just 0.09 ETH and take part in this metaverse. They also offer staking opportunities and airdrops, as reflected in their roadmap. Moreover, the Nibiru is just the beginning. Those who missed the first launch have the opportunity to join subsequent launches, which will have even more unique characteristics.

Link MetaTravelers
Categories PFP
Items 7.8K
Floor price 0.018ETH
Owners 3.0K
Volume Traded 604ETH

Robotos Originals

Hundreds of thousands of droid characters are available in Robotos, which is a blockchain-based collection designed by Pablo Stanley. They come in a variety of colors, metal outfits, tin faces, top pieces, digital accessories, and backpacks, making each unique from 170+ different traits.

Different types of robots exist, some of which are rarer than others. Depending on their rarity score, robots fall into four categories: common, less common, rare, and super rare. For example, Robotos are a common type of robot, Helmetos are a less common type, Cyborgos are a rare type, and Computos are a super rare type. 

The Robotos include different image assets, including animated GIFs, PNGs, and SVGs. With every Robotos, you can create and sell derivatives. The current Floor price for Robotos is 0.549 ETH, making it a good choice for new collectors.

Link Robotos
Categories PFP, Art
Items 10.0K
Floor price 0.549ETH
Owners 5.7K
Volume Traded 15.2K ETH

Degenerate Apes

Among the NFT collections that thrived on the Ethereum Network is the Bored Apes Yacht Club. If your budget is low, it might be too late for you to own one of those. However, it is still possible to purchase a Degenerate Ape, a rival NFT collection similar to Bored Apes that also runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

This collection of Degenerate Apes is not to be confused with the Solana Blockchain collection, which sells for much more than a thousand dollars. Ethereum-based Degenerate Apes collection combines degenerate apes with spiritual properties to create angels and demons. In the OpenSea NFT marketplace, there are 196 degenerate apes for sale. 162 ETH were traded throughout the entire collection at a combined floor price of 0.088 ETH. It is said that after all the apes are collected, a surprise event (probably an airdrop) will take place for all holders.

Link Degenerate Apes
Items 196
Floor price 0.05ETH
Owners 95
Volume Traded 17.7ETH

MoonCats Rescue

On the Ethereum blockchain, Mooncats are NFTs with procedurally generated pixel cats. Mooncats is a collection of 25,344 unique cats, 96 of which were Genesis black and white cats. They are among the first collectible NFT projects. Unfortunately, the original designers are no longer involved. However, as a result of the community's support, Ponderware, a recent Mooncat contributor, has accepted the role of the project lead. Some Mooncat improvements have occurred since Ponderware took over. 

In terms of age, Mooncat is one of the second-oldest NFTs on Ethereum. As NFTs are valued based on aspects such as their historical significance and scarcity, which is why NFT collectors and enthusiasts see Mooncat as a promising treasure. A maximum of 25600 pieces are currently available, distributed at random based on various criteria. Choosing from such a wide range of colors and patterns makes each cat unique.

Due to the publicity surrounding its discovery, these NFTs that originally cost 0.02 ETH to mint are now worth an estimated 0.8 ETH. As a result of their age, MoonCats are considered valuable, so these are a good choice if you want to buy NFTs under 1ETH.

Link MoonCats-Acclimated
Categories PFP
Items 19.0K
Floor price 0.345ETH
Owners 5.6K
Volume Traded 17.2K ETH

Cryptopunk Alien

You're probably familiar with CryptoPunks since they have been quite popular lately. Interestingly, the most expensive one sold for about 11.75 million dollars in December 2021, which may leave you wondering why we have included them in the list of NFTs under 1ETH.

It's true. CryptoPunks are quite expensive. However, CryptoPunkAliens do not cost as much. That's right; they're entirely different collections. CryptoPunks Aliens appears to be a fork of the original concept with 10,000 collections and similar features. However, there is a notable difference in price between the two collections. Although no CryptoPunk is available for under 25 ETH, you can still find a CryptoPunkAlien for as little as 0.1 ETH and the most expensive one for 15 ETH.

Link Cryptopunk Aliens
Categories PFP
Items 199
Floor price 0.005ETH
Owners 86
Volume Traded 1.1 ETH

Steps to buying NFTs

Buying NFT is not as difficult as you might think. Let's break it down:

Step1: Buy ETH. You need ETH to buy a non-fungible token. So, if you want to purchase NFTs, you'll need to buy ETH on a trusted cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase or Binance, as most NFT marketplaces require that you have ETH. 

Step 2: Set up your digital wallet. After you have purchased ETH, you'll need to store it somewhere, just like you do with your real-life money. Platforms like MetaMask allow you to open a digital wallet. By using the address attached to it, you'll be able to transfer the ETH you bought earlier to this cryptocurrency wallet. You can begin browsing for NFTs to purchase once your MetaMask wallet is loaded. 

Step 3: You have purchased the ETH and placed it in a wallet. Now next step is to find an NFT to buy. But where do you find the best NFTs to invest in? Start by looking at the largest NFT marketplaces, such as

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • SuperRare
  • NiftyGateway
  • NBA Top Shot

Step 4: The last step is to place your bid and buy your NFT.

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NFTS: Are They Worth It?

What you purchased the NFTs for will determine the answer to that question. You might not really care about price if that particular NFT holds some special value for you. 

However, if you're just buying to sell, then you might not always get the NFT that will be so important in the future. What else? NFTs cannot be just sold like other cryptocurrencies. To sell them, you need to find a buyer. Therefore, before you decide to trade NFTs, consider this.

Are NFTs affordable?

There is a wide range of NFT prices, so you're likely to find something in your price range. However, there is no guarantee that reselling them will make you a profit despite their low price.

How to Find Cheap Yet Lucrative NFTS?

The tools rarity. tools and UpcomingNFT can help you discover upcoming NFTs that may be lucrative. These projects usually have an affordable floor price. It is necessary to visit an NFT marketplace in order to locate the assets themselves.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy NFTS?

For buying and selling NFTs, NFT marketplaces are the best place. You can also buy floor price NFTs directly from the projects' websites, but if you want to sell them at a profit, you should find the projects before they launch. 

Final Words

In recent years, the NFT market has attracted huge amounts of money. Together, gaming, art, and finance brought in $46 million for the NFT market in 2020. In 2021, all global trading volume reached $41bn. And in 2022, with each passing day, it is becoming more apparent that both brands and individuals will spend even more this year.

While some NFTs have been sold for millions of dollars, there are still some valuable NFT projects that you can buy with little money. In this article, we have discussed the NFT projects under 1ETH that you can buy. These projects offer compelling investment opportunities due to their innovative features and credible development teams. NFTs, however, pose the risk of being unpredictable. It's fine to start small and play it safe, but it's still best to get a professional's opinion before investing in this field!

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