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Best Bitcoin And Crypto Affiliate Programs

Last Update: 2022-08-29

Best Crypto and Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2020 - 2021

Do you want to earn from the crypto affiliate program? Or like to learn more about the best affiliate programs available in the online space? Here is the promise, "you don't need to be worried anymore," you are on the right platform.

People almost went crazy back in 2016 when crypto trading was the talk of the day. Bitcoin hit the crypto market so hard in 2016, and everyone was scrambling to get money to invest in it. Some even went for the idea of remortgaging their homes to invest in the crypto mine rush. 

Unfortunately, after a while, Bitcoin stumbled, fell, and crashed.

So why should we again write about crypto affiliate programs?

Well, it is because Bitcoin has amazingly rounded up its value for the last couple of years. The crashed crypto made and still making a promising comeback in the market. The cryptocurrency market is now worth an estimated value of $206,994,111,570, inclusive of Bitcoin.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us some memorable lessons, that we need some stable sources of income and again not to rely on fiat currencies. In reality, cryptocurrency is here to stay, and so it will remain a very lucrative niche that requires little effort.

So, below is the list of the best affiliate programs that can earn you money and income. Read, practice, and make more money.

 6 Best cryptocurrency affiliate programs:

  • Best for multi exchange and automationAltrady
  • Best for direct trading: LocalBitcoins
  • Best for Paypal payments: Coinbase
  • Best for easinessChangelly
  • Best for transparencyCoinmama
  • Best for premium wallets: Trezor

Cryptocurrency Mining Affiliate Programs

crypto mining affiliate programs

Do you understand the theory behind cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining? Worry no more; you; you are not alone. The fact is, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is a concept that is challenging a good number of beginners. The process uses computer software to solve extremely challenging mathematical equations to secure cryptocurrency networks in simple terms.

As a reward, miners get compensated by the network for their support and contributions in securing cryptocurrency mining. To conduct such calculations, you will need the most recent Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) to earn a profit.

There are possibilities of making a low-profit turnover with altcoins like Ethereum while running them through Nvidia GPUs. But with ASICs will serve you best in the same process.

Guess what? We have a secret to share with you. However, the mystery doesn't fit everyone since most traders find it unprofitable. It requires a well-customized infrastructure and access to affordable electricity or power supply.  

For that matter, profitability can shift at any moment since there are other five significant factors one should consider when analyzing mining profitability.

  • The cost of the coin you're mining
  • Power Consumption
  • Cost per kWh
  • Mining Pool charges or fees
  • Cost of Hardware

How to make money from Cryptocurrency mining affiliate program

If you are an online content creator who focuses on cryptocurrency mining, it is the right time to monetize your content. The call to action should target driving hardware sales. It is that simple, for every sale made, you get paid commission for each.

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What is the marketplace for Cryptocurrency affiliate links?

Thanks to the internet. You can today find genuine resources online, but here the three major platforms to source for affiliate links;

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Nvidia

What is the commission rate for cryptocurrency affiliate programs?

The commission rate depends on the program, the policies, and the guidelines. The payment method is through fiat currency.

1. Altrady Affiliate program

Altrady crypto trading platform is your best choice for your cryptocurrency affiliate program.

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2. LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program

LocalBitcoins is an online marketplace where crypto traders sell or buy Bitcoins in exchange for fiat cash. The founder of LocalBitcoins is a serial entrepreneur Nikolaus Kangas from Finnish. 

He set up the company in 2012 with the belief and ambition that it would fundamentally change how finance works both locally and globally. LocalBitcoins enables you to trade across 248 countries, including the US.

Unlike other cryptocurrency platforms, Local Bitcoins allow users to trade directly with each other. It acts merely as a portal and intermediary that manage and control online crypto trading.

Person-to-person crypto trades have minimal risks, but LocalBitcoins solve it and reduce the risks almost to zero since it uses an Escrow wallet that adds another security layer.

Do you want to know the commission rate for the LocalBitcoins affiliate program? 

They pay their affiliate marketers a commission totaling 20% on all trading fees for sales that your referral makes. Another benefit is that you will earn a 40% commission if you introduce bother buyer and seller to LocalBitcoins.

 LocalBitcoins pay commissions for 12 months from your referral link to become active on their platform.

3. Coinbase Affiliate Program

Coinbase started operations in the year 2012 to promote worldwide equality through the idea of decentralized currencies. That might sound like a sky-scraping goal, but it is the general direction that the whole world is drastically shifting towards- a world where a fiat currency is becoming optional. Not as a primary mode the way it used to be.

Coinbase portrays a more cryptocurrency trading platform since one can use the fiat currency to purchase any leading cryptos. Again, you can also get paid from them through PayPal. 

Coinbase trading platform acts like a brokerage since you can buy cryptocurrencies directly from them. On the other hand, it is possible to use Coinbase Pro to exchange and perform P2P crypto trading, which attracts relatively low trading fees.

The current report shows that the Coinbase platform has handled a total value of $150 billion in cryptocurrency exchange. Does this reflect serving 20 million that come from 42 different countries? Does it sound great? Yes, it sounds so.

What are the advantages of the Coinbase Crypto Platform? And What makes Coinbase much attractive?

It provides insurance coverage to their clients that sum up to $250,00. It gives traders a sense of courage by providing them redemption in case of losses. Coinbase also keeps their data offline that protects them from attacks from online hackers that are significant threats in crypto trading.

For affiliate marketers, you can earn a percentage of all your referral's trading fees. The other advantage is, there is no definite limit to the number of people you can refer through their affiliate links. There is no exact limit on much earnings you can make from the Coinbase affiliate program. 

Not enough, Coinbase focuses on impact as the fundamental drive for their affiliate program. The effect is just the overview of affiliate marketing efforts. Put everything here into practice in your day-to-day activities as an affiliate marketer. It is the surest way to make a success.

What is the Commission rate from the Coinbase affiliate program?

Coinbase is one of the most reliable and stable cryptocurrency exchange platforms that offer favorable rates for its affiliates. They offer 50% commissions on all referral trading fees that run for the first three months from the day the affiliate account becomes active. They process payments in local currencies.

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4. Changelly Affiliate Program

Changelly is the youngest or recent cryptocurrency exchange platform and the most popular trading program.

Changelly links and allows you to trade in over 150 different categories of cryptocurrencies. The good news about it is that you don't necessarily deposit a single coin or cash to trade. All you need is to check for the best across available exchanges and process your transaction. 

You can purchase crypto on the same platform by using your visa card; this makes Changelly appear more like a hybrid than one with the old systems. You will incur a flat rate of 0.25% when you exchange crypto from one category to the other. Changelly has no additional, hidden, or unexpected charges. 

How do you earn from Changelly Affiliate Program?

You earn money from the Changelly affiliate program by either installing their widget (which they provide) or sharing affiliate links to anywhere you feel you can get your leads and sales. Once you sign up for an affiliate link or account, you are then entitled to 50% of all transaction fees posted on them by Changelly.

Changelly is the same as Binance; the more the coins exchanged, the more the income you make. Remember that 50% is a lifetime benefit with the affiliate payment method done through the currency your referrals trade-in.

5. Coinmama Affiliate Program

Coinmama made its first launch in 2013 as a brokerage, helping people aspiring to purchase Ethereum and Bitcoin. It expanded its operations and can now buy Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, and many other cryptocurrencies.

The disadvantage of Coinmama is that brokers have to charge an extra fee, so you usually pay the amount that is a bit more than what you would trade privately. It can be in dollars and cents, with an extra brokerage fee of 5.9%.

What is the commission rate for Coinmama Affiliate Program?

Coinmama pays its affiliate marketers 15% of all purchases or sales made by referrals. The payment is a lifetime compensation of your accounts or affiliate links. Does it sound great? We are sure it is excellent compensation, and you will love it. 

Coinmama has transparency, and you get paid what you deserve. They can prove it; they use affiliate tracking software called cellxpert. The cellxpert helps to trace your performance and a transparent income report.

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6. Trezor Affiliate Program

Trezor does what they specialize in; they keep a promise and agreement. If you need hardware for cryptocurrency, then that is all Trezor up to. They help you have a hardware wallet for your cryptocurrency.

The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they've enhanced people to decentralize their finances, meaning you can store your currency in the blockchain rather than in a bank account. But there is an irony with the last statement, did you realize? With this era of technology, everyone trusts in storing things online.

The main idea behind this is that fear or risk of a security breach, or personal activities can result in the loss of your wallet's entire contents. The two most secure and reliable storage options are; storing your private key on paper or in a hardware wallet, and those are what Trezor company is solving.

How does Trezor pay affiliate marketers?

Affiliates have the possibility of making 12%-15% per purchase or sale for Trezor wallet. You can imagine that their premium wallets cost over €600, so they can earn good money from the Trezor affiliate program. Affiliate payment method is through Bitcoin or bank transfer.

7. Koinly affiliate program

Koinly is a crypto portfolio tracker and tax reporting platform that allows traders and investors to reconcile all their cryptocurrency transactions across over 700+ wallets, exchanges, and blockchains, saving countless hours of manually calculating taxes.

Crypto investors can generate tax office compliant reports in over 20 countries, supported in more than 100 countries, with a product used by hundreds of thousands of crypto investors globally.

Koinly’s affiliate program is one of the easiest in the crypto industry. The product is widely recognized as a leader in the space and constantly innovates to add more functionality for existing and new users.

  • Average commission of 20% (up to 40%) on paid conversions
  • 10% lifetime recurring commission
  • Discounts of up to 20% can be added to the affiliate coupon

This means the commission from a single sale can be as high as $200. 

Sign up as an affiliate today at

What do you need to know about cryptocurrency affiliate programs?

Know there are scams and malicious activities. If you are not careful, you will lose it big time. The crypto industry is a space that is full of scams. If you spent your time on Twitter, I guess you've come across some company impersonation scams that trap newbies to send their hard-earned cryptos to fake companies. 

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you must question referring people to any crypto affiliate program. Do a background check and have facts about the affiliate program you are willing to join. It shouldn't be based on high commission but on creating a safe environment for traders.

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