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Last Update: 2022-02-12

Cryptohopper Bot: Short Intro

Cryptocurrency trading may be full of challenges, but they are never insurmountable. With the abundance of cryptocurrency trading tools in the market, you can be empowered to conquer all obstacles and succeed in your crypto trading venture. 

When looking for the best crypto tools available for advanced trading, you might encounter both Cryptohopper and Altrady as viable options. But are these platforms the same? Can you use them simultaneously or do you have to choose one over the other? 

Here are some things to know about these two crypto trading platforms:

If you are new to the crypto trading world, and haven’t discovered about the use of crypto trading bots yet, then you might be surprised with how it can significantly help you become successful in trading. 

Cryptohopper bot

Cryptohopper is one of the best crypto trading bots in the market that allows you to streamline the process of trading through automation. With Cryptohopper, you can participate in the buy and sell of cryptocurrencies even if you are not in front of your trading screens. 

Using crypto trading bots like Cryptohopper gives you the freedom to do other things while reaping the rewards of this lucrative venture. It not only helps you enter profitable points in the crypto market but also allows you minimize your risks by automatically fulfilling your predetermined exit strategy. 

Cryptohopper is one of the widely used cryptocurrency trading tools for beginner and advanced traders. It is designed to give you maximum efficiency with the use of advanced trading tools like copy trading, backtesting, market-making, and arbitrage. 

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Altrady bot

Altrady introduces grid trading bots in Q1of 2022!

Altrady is an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading software that gives you an easy and convenient experience by providing everything you need for a successful crypto trading venture. With Altrady, you can trade from different exchanges and even keep track of all your digital currencies in one place. 

The beauty with Altrady is how it makes trading much easier and more efficient. Once you subscribe to the platform and after you have successfully integrated your exchange accounts, you can immediately enjoy its multiple benefits. 

Trade on Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, Huobi, HitBTC, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, KuCoin, Poloniex, OKEx, Binance US, and Binance Futures without having to use separate exchange platforms. Yes, you can create buy and sell orders on any of these exchanges right on the Altrady trading dashboard. Open tabs for different exchanges and markets to easily access their market depth charts and instantly create orders. 

Altrady features different crypto trading order types such as market order, limit order, and limit ladder order. With advanced order types such as a scaled ladder order, you can lessen your worry of missing out important market movements because it allows you to configure orders in advance with a start and end price, spend volume percentage, and the number of ladder orders to execute. 

Apart from trading, you can also do a lot more things on Altrady such as see how well your assets are growing or how strategically distributed your assets are according to currency and exchange. Altrady’s crypto portfolio manager gives you a comprehensive overview of the entirety of your assets, thus allowing you to accurately keep track of everything for a strategic trading action, this bitcoin management software it's a powerful tool.

One of the best things about Altrady is its real-time cryptocurrency alerts. Using a powerful technology with unique algorithms and WebSockets, users can receive instant cryptocurrency alerts. Through real-time information, you don’t have to worry about missing out important market movements. 

The Altrady trading software is available on desktop, web browser, and mobile application. Trade wherever you are and whenever you like with the accessible features of the Altrady app. 

But why should you consider subscribing to the software services of any of these two?

Here are some reasons to use advanced cryptocurrency trading tools from Cryptohopper and/or Altrady: 

Advanced crypto trading software can put you at a huge advantage in this risky venture. 

We all know the risks involved in Bitcoin trading and altcoin buy and sell. Since cryptocurrency markets can be extremely volatile, using the best crypto trading software with advanced crypto tools can help you manage your risks and help propel your trading venture towards success. 

There are different types of beginner cryptocurrency traders --- those who start with little knowledge yet would rashly pour in their assets into trading, those who slowly crawl upon the learning path to gain more experience and knowledge, those who take advantage of existing crypto trading tools, and those who take inspiration from the success of expert traders, among others. Whatever type of beginner trader you are, we hope that you are not the first one who would unthinkingly put in their resources into something that they are not sure about. 

Know that cryptocurrency trading is considered by many as a zero-sum game --- your loss becomes the win of others. But with the right combination of careful planning, constant practice, determination, and smart tool choice, you can surely have your own share of winning stories. 

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Cryptohopper allows you to copy the trade of expert traders.

Using Cryptohopper as a crypto trading tool will allow you to also profit from the trades of more experienced professionals through mirror trading. You can do a full copy or semi copy of their trades by subscribing to the signalers who send out trading crypto signals on which your Cryptohopper bot can automatically trade on. 

With this feature, you can put yourself at an advantage among other traders even when you are just starting out. Their strategies can be yours to follow and benefit from. Still, you can protect yourself from losses with these copy trades by using stop-loss to protect yourself from huge losses or you can also set a trailing stop-loss so you can automatically sell at the right time. 

Another option for copy trading is through the use of the Strategies feature of Cryptohopper. Select among the many strategists on Cryptohopper’s marketplace. The choice of strategy would ultimately depend upon your trading goals and styles, but a lot of strategists have their discord channels and social networks where you can find helpful input from other traders in the community. 

Altrady has great crypto tools so you can begin the right way.

Having the right start as a beginner trader already puts you at a huge advantage in this highly competitive industry. With Altrady’s collection of innovative tools, you can be relieved of the usual woes that beginners face in their trading journey. 

Altrady helps you make sense of the fast-changing cryptocurrency markets. Instead of relying on random guesses about why coins moved in a particular direction or how price movements have to be interpreted, you can utilize Altrady’s algorithms to give you an automatic analysis of market movements. 

Altrady takes pride in the Crypto Base Scanner tool which scans thousands of cryptocurrency markets from different crypto exchanges 24/7. Its algorithms analyze price histories against bases or support levels to help traders find profitable entry points. 

You can also use Altrady’s break-even calculator so that you can easily determine whether a particular trading action would be a wise move or not. With it, you can instantly see whether you are profiting or losing from your trades on a particular market without having to use spreadsheets. 

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Using advanced crypto tools can maximize your winning potential and prevent you from unnecessary losses. 

Cryptohopper and Altrady allow you to place advanced trades so that you can buy during the dips and sell during the highs. 

One of the principles that most traders take into heart is to buy when prices are low and sell when prices rise --- of course, that comes with different conditions depending on your strategy. 

Since crypto markets do not stop even for a second, you always have to be awake to make sure that you don’t miss out on important market movements. But we all know that acting like zombies is not good for our physical and mental health if not at all impossible. Here is where Cryptohopper and Altrady come in handy. 

As a cryptocurrency trading bot, Cryptohopper trades on your behalf. For as long as you have configured the right parameters and rules, you won’t have to worry about losing your chance to buy a particular digital currency when its price goes down or to sell at its profitable point. Trading bots are also helpful in minimizing losses. Even when you are not staring closely on your trading screens, the bot can immediately act on your behalf when a coin market suddenly goes against your bullish hopes. 

As an ultimate cryptocurrency trading platform, Altrady also enables you to place advanced orders that would maximize your chances for profit and lower your risks for possible losses.  You can use the Altrady dashboard to create scaled ladder orders in different coin markets across multiple crypto exchanges. 

Scaled ladder orders or limit ladder orders at the Altrady trading widget allows you to layer your coin purchases and provide you with more profitable entry points. Since we can never be 100% sure about crypto price movements, having several buy rungs on your trading ladder enables you to buy whenever the market price drops or when a coin continually reaches new base levels. 

This trading feature also helps you become more disciplined as a cryptocurrency trader. By buying and selling in increments, you can prevent yourself from being extremely panicky and greedy which usually brings unfortunate consequences to your entire trading venture. 

Cryptohopper gives a free trial to its explorer package which features mirror trading, paper trading, strategy designer, automatic crypto trading, and trailing stop loss. If you want to have a deep dive into the pro and cons, you should check our cryptohopper review.

Altrady also offers a no-obligation, free 14-day trial to its crypto trading plan that will let you use its Crypto Base Scanner signals, automatic portfolio manager, and a wide range of crypto trading tools. 

The use of advanced cryptocurrency tools from Altrady and Cryptohopper can help you become a successful trader. Discover more about these tools and how these advanced crypto trading platforms can help you profit from this risky trading world. 

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