How to Stake ADA on Exodus? An Ultimate Guide to Earn Passive Income

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How to Stake ADA on Exodus? An Ultimate Guide to Earn Passive Income

Last Update: 2022-05-26

How to Stake ADA on Exodus? An Ultimate Guide to Earn Passive Income

It's no secret that cryptocurrency is a hot commodity these days. And with more and more people getting into it, the opportunities for earning passive income are growing. One way to do this is by staking ADA on the Exodus wallet.

In this post, we will walk you through the process of staking ADA and earning passive income. We will also discuss the benefits of staking ADA and some common issues that may arise. So, let's get started!

What Is ADA Staking?

ADA staking is the process of locking up your ADA tokens in order to earn rewards. By staking your ADA, you are helping to support the network and in return, you will earn interest on your tokens. The amount of interest that you earn will depend on the amount of ADA that you stake and the length of time that you stake it for. 

In order to start staking your ADA, you will need to choose a pool to join. There are many different pools to choose from and each one has its own minimum amount that you must stake. Once you have chosen a pool, you will need to send your ADA to the pool's address. Once your ADA has been received by the pool, it will be locked up and you will start earning rewards.

When a business applies for ADA staking, they are required to provide information about their accessibility features and how they accommodate people with disabilities. ADA staking can be a valuable tool for businesses that want to increase their customer base and make themselves more visible to people with disabilities. 

In addition to increasing visibility, ADA staking can also help businesses to improve their accessibility features and become more compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The staked coins are used to validate transactions and produce new blocks, similar to how miners are rewarded in Proof of Work systems.

Data Value
Market Cap $38,944,899,732.69
Circulating Supply 33,713,281,905 ADA
Trading Volume $3,631,497,532.02
All-time high $3.10
All-time low $0.01735
Cardano ROI 5227.41%
Market Cap $38,944,899,732.69

How Does Staking Work on Exodus?

Some cryptocurrencies use the proof-of-stake consensus model. Such coins are only viable for staking on Exodus. These include coins that require you to lock up funds in order to earn rewards, while others just reward holders with occasional giveaways for holding them on an exchange or wallet application like Exodus.

The delegator Everstake has teamed up with Exodus to provide a seamless experience for staking your favorite crypto. The currencies included in this partnership include ADA, ATOM, ALGO, and more.

The developers of Exodus have announced that they are working on the upgrade to support Neo N3. However, it's unclear when this will be released or what features may come with its launch.

Some cryptocurrencies require that users lock up their funds before they can be spent or stakes. It means there will no doubt come a time when these transactions cost more than ever. But for some cryptocurrencies, don't require locking up your funds. So long as you hold them in the Exodus wallet, there are always opportunities to earn some sweet cryptos. 

Advantages of Staking Cardano on Exodus

The staking process on Exodus is designed to be as easy and straightforward as possible. Some of the advantages are given below:

  1. Increased security for your coins- When you stake your coins on Exodus, they are locked away and more difficult for hackers to access. This means that your funds are more secure when staked on Exodus than in a hot wallet or exchanges.
  2. Earn rewards for simply holding your coins- When you stake your Cardano on Exodus, you will earn rewards simply for holding your coins in the wallet. The number of rewards you earn will depend on how much ADA you have staked and how long you keep your coins staked.
  3. Help support the network- By staking your Cardano on Exodus, you are helping to support the network and ensuring its stability.
  4. Easy to set up and use- Staking your Cardano on Exodus is easy to do, even if you are not tech-savvy. The process is simple and straightforward, and the wallet itself is user-friendly.
  5. Get paid in ADA- When you stake your Cardano on Exodus, you will get paid in ADA, the native token of the Cardano network. This means that you can earn rewards without having to convert your coins to another currency.
  6. No minimum amount required- There is no minimum amount required to start staking your Cardano on Exodus. This makes it a great option for those who want to dip their toes into staking without a large investment.
  7. No maximum amount- There is also no maximum amount that you can stake on Exodus. This means that you can stake as much or as little Cardano as you like.
  8. Access your coins at any time- When you stake your Cardano on Exodus, you can still access your coins at any time. This means that you can unstake your coins and use them whenever you want without having to wait for a certain period of time.
  9. Low fees- When you stake your Cardano on Exodus, the fees are very low. In fact, they are some of the lowest staking fees in the industry.
  10. Multi-currency support- Not only does Exodus support staking Cardano, but it also supports other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. This makes Exodus a great option for those who want to stake multiple cryptocurrencies.

How To Stake ADA on Exodus Wallet?

The process of staking is pretty straightforward for six different cryptocurrencies. You can follow these steps to start your own node and earn rewards while also helping secure the blockchain network by running software that gets harder with time.

The terms vary depending on which assets you want to stake, but they all require some sort of procedural action before being able to move forward. Let’s see, how can you stake ADA on Exodus:

1. Fund Your Exodus Wallet

To earn ADA rewards, users must hold the cryptocurrency in their Exodus wallets. Some may choose to stake their ADA on exchanges, but holding the asset in a personal wallet offers more control and flexibility. To stake, users need to have at least 5.5 ADA in their account. This ensures that they're able to manage their stakes and ensure a strong return on investment. 

Out of 5.5 ADA, every two ADA is deposited in order to pay for the fee of using the Cardano network. The network fee implicated is used to keep the network up and running. Though it may not seem like much, this ADA pays for a very important service.

2. Stake ADA

  • To stake ADA, click on the highlighted icon on your wallet landing page. You will find below that it takes around 1 minute for each confirmation with 15 minutes waiting period between each staking attempt.
  • The Stake ADA button is right under the "Stakers" logo. Click on it and you can see a pop-up window with information about how much money has been staked by each investor in this project.
  • As soon as you press the Stake ADA button, your device will begin staking and earning ADA in return.
  • As soon as you stake your coins, a message will appear on the screen welcoming you to the process.

There is no option for choosing how much ADA coin you want to stake. This means all of the coins in your Exodus wallet will automatically get staked and become more secure over time. But there's nothing else anyone can do except wait around until it happens or take matters into their own hands by making manual deposits with other currencies.

The system is designed to give you an average of 4.91% each month, based on the balance in your wallet at any given time. With these rewards are paid out as ADA coins and automatically compounded to whatever amount has been staked by that point.

The users of this wallet will receive their first rewards after 20 days have passed, but it can take up to 45 or 50 for all coins to vest. After that initial period is over with though (50%), you'll get your cut every five to restitch which makes 6 per month.

If you stake your ADA coins and add more to the wallet, it will take 20 days for this new submission to be registered on the network.

3. Claim Reward

The earned rewards will be kept track of in the Claim Reward section. Every time you redeem a reward, it will appear in this section. You can watch your rewards pile up and feel proud of your accomplishments.

The user can choose to have his or her reward claiming process initiated wherever he/she has earned more than one ADA. In this case, the network charges a fee of 0.2 ADA every time someone chooses that option for themselves and it is completely free from any additional costs incurred by either party during delivery.

4. Unstake ADA

ADA coins can be unstaked at any time by users. It means that users have complete control over their coins and can choose to unstake them at any time. This is a great feature that gives users complete freedom and control over their coins.

Users can enjoy a seamless experience by not having to worry about any locking periods or withdrawal fees. They also get back the two ADA coins that they deposited in order to pay for their network fee, which ensures there are no surprises when it comes time to use this app.

To unstake, all you need are a few clicks. Just click on the unstake ADA button and confirm your process. The good news is that once you unstake your coins (staked address), it's as simple and quick to stake them again. The only thing left for us then would be a 20-day waiting period before we could get back into earning those juicy returns.

What Are Some Platforms Other Than Exodus for Staking ADA?

There are many different platforms that offer staking services for ADA, each with its own unique features and offerings. Some of the more popular ones include:

1. Daedalus Wallet

The official wallet from the Cardano Foundation offers an all-in-one solution for managing ADA, sending and receiving payments, and staking. 

Daedalus is an open-source project and the source code is available on GitHub under the MIT license. It uses cutting-edge technology to secure your funds and private keys. 

The wallet runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can also install Daedalus on a USB key so you can carry it around with you and use it anywhere. Your wallet can be recovered from a 12-word recovery phrase and you can print paper wallets to store your ADA offline in cold storage.

2. Kraken

The convenience of having your Cardano without worrying about keeping it safe is one reason why many people store their coins at Kraken. However, there are some downsides to staking with this exchange. Most importantly that you can't use the mobile app where rewards become available much faster than on desktop versions or web browsers.

Here's one way to make the wait between jobs less painful- get rewarded fast. Instant rewards are offered by Kraken, with 4% up until 6%. This means that if you want to stake, all of your Cardano is right where it needs to be. All transactions go through the Kraken exchange and don’t require any other moves.

3. Yoroi

Yoroi, a “lightweight” Cardano wallet means it doesn't download the blockchain. This makes setup much faster than Daedalus but there are some downsides to consider too. For example, you can trust Yoroi less because of how quickly connections are made without downloading anything onto your device or computer system first.

Yoroi wallet is a lot like Daedalus, but with some key differences. First off there's no need to sign up or create an account. You just load the extension from within your Chrome browser after installing it on top of any other extensions already present. Once done importing Settings into Yoroi all ADA tokens are ready for staking.

With Daedalus, you could store your coins in different wallets and stake them separately. But with this app, it’s not possible to create multiple staking accounts for yourself. Only one wallet is available which means that if something happens like an account getting hacked then all of the other ones will be wasted. 

4. KuCoin

KuCoin has a staking section, and Cardano is included among the offerings. But as with Kraken, who also offers to hold your coins for you, there's always some risk in giving up custody of valuable assets like this crypto-asset. KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates in partnership with Pool-X. 

Customers can earn both ADA and POL tokens by staking their Cardano coins on the KuCoins platform. These are converted to fiat currency when credited into your account, which gives it an added incentive for users. Rewards will be distributed daily so there's always something new coming up in this exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

When you unstake your ADA, it will be locked for one day. After that period of time has passed and if there are no broadcasts announcing the lockout was successful or failed due to an accident like damage from fire etc. Then anyone can trade these tokens in KuCoin’s Liquidity Trading market where they have been known as “the motherload".


How do I know if my wallet is connected to a pool?

If your wallet is successfully connected to a pool, you should see a “Staking” notification appear in the top-right corner of your Exodus interface. If you do not see this notification, please double-check that you have followed all of the instructions from your chosen pool correctly.

How do I check my staking progress?

To check your staking progress, simply click on the “Staking” notification in the top-right corner of your Exodus interface. This will open up a menu where you can view your current stake, return estimates, and more.

When will I receive my rewards?

The time it takes to receive rewards will vary depending on the pool you are using. Some pools may distribute rewards as soon as they are received, while others may wait until a specific time or day. Please refer to your chosen pool’s website for more information.

What happens if I stop staking?

If you stop staking before your ADA is unstaked, you may lose some or all of your rewards. Therefore, we recommend only stopping your stake if you are sure that you no longer want to participate in staking.


To sum it up, staking ADA on Exodus is a simple and easy process. All you need to do is deposit your ADA into your account and then select how much you want to stake and for how long. Once you have confirmed your transaction, your ADA will be staked and you will start to earn rewards.

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