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How To Use Limit Ladder Order

Last Update: 2022-06-20

How to Use Limit Ladder Order

A limit ladder order is a type of advanced order that allows traders to specify the price they are willing to pay for an asset. This type of order is often used when traders want to buy or sell an asset at a specific price. By using a limit ladder order, traders can get the best possible price while still being able to control their risk. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use a limit ladder order in your trading strategy.

What is a Limit Ladder Order?

Limit Ladder trading works by fulfilling your order into a ladderized step that is dependent on the price level and executed in frequencies depending on the number of rules that you have set.

limit ladder order

How to Ladder your Orders?

The layering technique is the idea that you create layers when adding to your basket of digital coins. With layering, you should forget about greed and instant profits because it requires patience and careful analysis.

The following actions characterize the process:

  1. Find strong bases with panic sales for your market entry.
  2. You are entering the market by buying coins using only a portion of your digital assets.
  3. We are waiting further to see if panic intensifies, then rebuying coins in increments.
  4. You are selling portions at your target profit level.
  5. Selling in increments as bounces happen.

Doing this manually without the aid of a relevant crypto trading tool such as a limit ladder order feature may be challenging, time-consuming, and stressful.

The Altrady cryptocurrency trading platform makes this more comfortable for you. You can configure the order type for your trading into a limit ladder so you can effectively set a laddering method in buying and selling coins.

Place Ladder Orders With Altrady

  • Start Price
  • End Price
  • Amount or Percentage Amount of Your Assets to Be Spent/Sold
  • Amount of Coin to be Purchased/Received
  • Number of Orders
  • Price Scale
  • Size Scale

Benefits of Ladder Trading

Are great for minimizing the risks and neutralizing the volatility in crypto markets. Having these order types can protect you from irreversible losses and allow you to manage your assets better.

  1. Limit ladder orders can give you more valuable entry points. Since we can never be sure if a crypto market will continue to drop in price and reach new base levels, layering your asset purchases can give you greater chances of buying at further dips.
  2. Scaling your assets or having several buy rungs on your ladder can help you become more disciplined and emotionally calm during trades.
  3. Selling in increments can prevent you from being greedy and panicky. By predetermining a selling price for a portion of your coins, you effectively address the temptations to be greedy when bounces are happening. This way, you can keep an assured amount of profits for every sell rung on a ladder. It further gives you protection in any case that the market suddenly drops.


A limit ladder order can be a great tool for traders who want to get the best possible price on an asset. By specifying the price they are willing to pay, traders can control their risk while still getting the best possible deal. If you're looking for a way to get more out of your trading strategy, consider using a limit ladder order.

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