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JOE Coin Review 2022: Is It Worth Investing Cryptocurrency?

Last Update: 2022-03-04

JOE Coin Review 2022: Is It Worth Investing Cryptocurrency?

The platforms that provide more features rather than just crypto trading are very close to the heart of investors. Trader Joe is one of them that facilitates its customers in different ways to earn a high-profit margin. Because of the impressive features of the network, JOE coin became the favorite cryptocurrency among investors. 

Earning a huge potential for any coin just after a launch is rare in the crypto world. But JOE made it possible, and that's why it has been a center of interest in the market. However, many investors are not completely familiar with this new cryptocurrency. 

You will find every little information about the JOE coin in this article. Read till the end to understand the importance and advantages of investing in this coin. 

What is Trader Joe?

Trader Joe is the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform built on Avalanche blockchain using AMM technology. AMM-based platforms are comparatively new on the Avalanche and created after inspiration from stable platforms like Ethereum and BSC. It's the same as Zero Exchange and Pangolin, which was created after the popularity of Uniswap.

In a short period, Trader Joe got immense support from the users and could cross Pangolin and become the largest AMM DEX on Avalanche blockchain. This feat was achieved after the platform reached 500 million dollars in TVL in August. The reason behind the fame of the platform is providing Leveraged and Lending trading using the DEX, and this feature boosts the liquidity and urges more investors to spend on the platform.

The major purpose of Trader Joe is to offer a trading and clearing platform to the users. Apart from that, you can do other operations like yield farming, DeFi exchanges, lending, and staking. Over this, the new characteristic of the network allows you to exchange LP tokens within a few seconds. 

What is JOE Coin?

JOE is the native governance token of Trader Joe which was first available to trade on Aug 26, 2021. It became a market hype in a very short period and is currently traded at $1.26 with a trading volume of $17,513,229.61 at the time of writing. Due to massive growth a few months after launch, the coin has been listed in the top cryptocurrencies.

 Since the platform seems to compete with other DEXs like PancakeSwap and Uniswap, the price of JOE will surge in the next few years. The days are not so far when this coin will be listed in the top 5 cryptocurrencies. But we can't always be sure about the crypto future, so little factors can even turn the table.

Platform Name Trader Joe
Token Name JOE
Blockchain Avalanche

How Does Trader Joe work? 

The top-tier purpose of Trader Joe is blending DEX with Leveraged & Lending trading. This technique is used to increase the liquidity to attract more investors to the platform. In all DEX platforms, Trader Joe is the first one who is going to execute a limit order to cope with price slippage problems. 

Although, the process has not been completed and will surely boost the DeFi market after the success. Unfortunately, you can't find presale tokens for investment as it doesn't include 'Fair Launch Event' in the features. 

How to Buy JOE Coin?

JOE can't be purchased directly through the fiat currency, and you have to trade with the altcoin. You can choose either the BTC or ETH to purchase with the fiat currency for that purpose. If you want to own JOE, you can easily do it by choosing the right procedure and an excellent trading platform. Here we described every bit related to purchasing process:

Step 1: Setup an Account on Binance

First, choose a secure platform to purchase Bitcoin as many phishing cases happened in the past, and investors lost their assets. For ultimate convenience, you should go for Binance because of its low transaction fees and ultimate security features. After that, set up your account simply following the few steps:

  • Clicking on the 'Register' tab, you will be asked to provide an email address, phone number, and strong password. Then you will receive the six-digit code, which needs to be entered in the next step to complete registration.
  • You can set up 2-Factor Authentication for ultimate security. This would help you to track login details every time.
  • Lastly, you need to fill out the KYC form to start trading on the platform. It is for the network record, and your information will be completely encrypted.

Step 2: Purchase ETH First

Buying ETH on Binance is very simple, and even a beginner can do this without any problem. Just make sure to follow the right guide. Here are a few steps involved in purchasing ETH:

  1. Go to the 'Buy Crypto' tab and choose the payment method you want to make your payment. In this case, a credit or debit card is the best option.
  2. You have to provide the amount of ETH you want to purchase on the next page. Once you enter the amount, the corresponding value in fiat currency will appear with the transaction charges.
  3. In the next step, click on the 'Buy ETH and read out the details that pop up on the next screen. If you are agreed with the terms and conditions, press the confirm button to start the transaction.
  4. After that, fill out the credit card details and select the 'Pay now' button.
  5. In the end, you need to verify your transaction through the code sent on the mobile number. And then, you can see the ETH amount on your Binance wallet.

Step 3: Deposit ETH to Exchange

Now you have to choose a platform that supports JOE trading and the ETH. For now, we will select because of its best-performing features and availability of the JOE coin. To trade with ETH, you first need to transfer your purchased crypto to

Transferring ETH is simple as you need to copy the wallet address of the ETH wallet and paste it on the platform. The next step will be automatically done, and you can see the transferred amount in your account. Remember that you have to pass through a 2FA of Binance account while transferring cryptocurrency.

Step 4: Trade ETH With JOE

Now all set to proceed with the final step. On the platform, choose the 'Trading' and then select 'Exchange' from the drop-down menu. From the long list of the pairs available, choose the JOE/ETH. If you don't see the option in the first few lines, use a search bar.

After selecting the desired pair, you will be asked to provide the amount of ETH traded against the JOE. In the middle of the page, every detail about the trade will appear and confirm the transaction starts. A few minutes later, you will receive JOE in your account that is available for trade and further purposes. 

Where to Buy JOE Coin?

Since JOE is quite new in the market and is not listed on all platforms. However, you can still find this cryptocurrency on different major exchanges. To purchase or trade JOE, you can choose one of the following platforms:

Why Is JOE a Good Investment?

joe coin price prediction

To put it another way, most DEXs enable you to buy and sell digital currencies, which is the primary emphasis of most of their offerings. Additionally, Trader Joe's decentralized exchange allows users to trade coins with leverage and employ complicated DeFi features to differentiate itself from other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Trader Joe provides one of the finest DeFi-friendly marketplaces, and there's no exaggeration about that. DeFi features such as swapping, staking, yield farming, borrowing, and lending, as well as leveraged trading, can all be done on Trader Joe's platform, which is one of the company's main aims.

It's also a great investment since JOE can produce several passive revenue streams. The Trader Joe decentralized lending network allows you to earn income on your investment by lending JOE tokens to other users, or you may stake your tokens in liquidity pools on the platform.

In addition to being one of the most undervalued DEX-related currencies on the market, JOE is an excellent investment for many reasons. Since its all-time high on Nov 21, 2021, the price of JOE coins has fallen by more than 50%, and it is now possible to buy JOE tokens at a very affordable price.

JOE Coin Price Prediction for Next 10 Years

JOE is currently a well-performing cryptocurrency and surely has a successful journey ahead. Due to the increasing demand for this coin, we evaluated the next 10 years of the platform and predicted prices. Our process involves a deep study of different factors and artificial intelligence reports to forecast the value of JOE.

Price Prediction of JOE In 2022

Increased adoption and collaboration across other key blockchain networks are green signals to dramatically drive JOE's price by 2022. In 2022, the maximum price for JOE is predicted to be $2.03. On average, JOE will be traded at $1.81 for the whole year if other factors are in its favor.

Price Prediction of JOE In 2023

There is a lot of room for growth for JOE in 2023, and with the appropriate partnerships and advancements, the number of users and usage may increase. JOE's share price may rise dramatically if the investors decide to emphasize investing in it. By 2023, it might be worth $3.08 on the market. With an average price of $2.60 and a minimum price of $2.51, the JOE price meter might end the year with a maximum price of $3.08 in 2023.

Price Prediction of JOE In 2024

Signals show that crypto trading is on the verge of starting an exciting new chapter. The long-term price forecast of Joe's price is expected to increase due to the continuous enthusiasm about his capacity to attract more attention. According to the average price and minimum price figures for 2024, prices might range from $3.71 to $3.82. 

Price Prediction of JOE In 2025

Long-term price predictions for JOE need to be based on the fundamental study. There are just a few benefits to using the native token. The digital economy's independence makes it an ideal option. Network-based programmable payments, logistics, and storage will become more competitive as DAPPs and stable currencies develop and mature. The average price of JOE may rise to $5.34 by 2025 if new investors get interested in the idea. The year 2025 might end with a maximum price of $6.51 and a minimum of $5.18.

Price Prediction of JOE In 2026

Because of the big community, JOE will be perceived as a better choice, and the price of JOE will climb to new heights. When the market is more bullish or bearish than ever, it is impossible to predict price changes. In 2026, the price of JOE is predicted to reach around $7.41. As of right now, we can only accept $9.09 per unit. By the end of 2026, JOE is expected to cost an average of $7.68. Significant price fluctuation is expected within the range set by the crypto market.

Price Prediction of JOE In 2027

According to the latest current statistics, the price of JOE is predicted to hit an all-time high by 2027. If current trends continue, the coin may reach $11.49 on average by 2027. If all goes according to plan, the maximum price of JOE might hit $12.99 in 2027. A market collapse, which is common in the cryptocurrency market after a long bull run, is always possible.

Price Prediction of JOE In 2028

Many traders may be interested in the present price range of JOE, and if the following criteria are satisfied, JOE might rise to $19.75 by 2028 with major aid from financial institutions. An average cost of $17.02 in 2028 indicates room for price growth and new record highs. 

Price Prediction of JOE In 2029

Several websites and discussion groups provide an easy-to-understand approach to this cryptocurrency. According to our prediction, the price of JOE is expected to continue at its current level for an extraordinarily long period. The JOE is expected to reach a maximum value of $28.09 per dollar by 2029. The minimum share price might grow to $23.64 if the market has a good outlook.

Price Prediction of JOE In 2030

The value of the JOE is predicted to grow due to the activities of network developers and community investors. As a consequence, the price projection for 2030 is too optimistic. According to calculations, JOE was predicted to reach a maximum price of $42.05 by the end of the year 2030. However, there is a lot of confidence regarding the long-term success and expansion of the JOE. Consequently, depending on the market, JOE's anticipated average price for 2030 is between $34.02 and $35.25. According to the same study, JOE's maximum price in 2030 will range from $34.02 to $42.05.

Price Prediction of JOE In 2031

The crypto market's primary motivator is extreme volatility. The current pricing environment is challenging to forecast and keep up with. JOE's price might rise to $58.70 if the market continues to rise in 2031. Keep in mind a long-term investment in JOE is a sensible decision because the average price in 2031 should be about $51.22.

Future Plans of Trader Joe

The developers behind the JOE are always seeking improvement gaps in their system and trying their best to assist users in every possible way. Currently, the company is working on increasing the utility factor of coins and attracting new customers. A major improvement is expected in introducing Leveraged trading in the next few years. 

Apart from that, some other plans will execute shortly as Trader Joe wants to lead the DeFi industry from the front. In the recent announcement, the platform announced some developments, which include:

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Limit Orders
  • IDO Launchpad
  • Options, Futures
  • Joe Pro


Which crypto wallet is best for JOE?

Although you can keep your assets on cryptocurrency exchanges, it's better to have a separate crypto wallet. You can find both the online and offline options and both types are secure enough. However, we recommend picking a cold wallet like Ledger or Trezor. The chances of hacking are low in the second case, and your JOE coins will be completely safe.

Can you purchase JOE with cash?

No, JOE is one of those crypto coins that cannot be purchased directly with fiat currency, and it can only be traded with cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. 

Is it necessary to have AVAX for purchasing JOE?

Absolutely not; you can purchase JOE with other cryptocurrencies and don't need AVAX in every situation.  

Wrapping Up

In today's world of investment, only crypto trading has the potential to make you a billionaire in a month. However, the risk of losing assets involved is also very high. But you are on the safe side if you make a sensible decision in selecting the right platform. You can enjoy the perks of crypto trading only in one situation: trading in the best-performing cryptocurrency. 

If you ask us, there is no better option than JOE. Depending upon various factors, it's obvious that it has a bright future. Over this, the platform has been adding new technology, which will boost coin prices.

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