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Altrady and OKX Promote Easier Global Crypto Trading through Innovative Technologies

Last Update: 2022-03-10

OKX and Altrady Promote Easier Global Crypto Trading through Innovative Technologies

To promote worldwide cryptocurrency adoption, OKX and Altrady partner to offer easier access and a more convenient experience to users. Traders can use the Altrady application to trade and manage assets in OKX exchange. 

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS --- OKX cryptocurrency exchange partners with the Altrady crypto trading platform to help traders from across the globe with their overall experience. By integrating OKX users' accounts into the Altrady application, traders can efficiently manage all their trades, keep track of their asset performances, and take advantage of new trading technologies developed by both entities. 

Altrady CEO Benoist Claassen says, "OKX has been one of the first supported exchanges of Altrady. Having OKX integration in our platform has helped us widen our reach at a global scale. There is, indeed, huge value in having OKX in the Altrady trading platform. We don't only get to tap the user base of OKX, but also get challenged by their constantly evolving technologies." 

To trade on OKX using the Altrady app, users will need to connect their exchange account via API. This integration will give them access to Altrady's all-in-one trading software, allowing them to trade and manage their digital assets. In addition, traders can also use Altrady's smart trading and trading bots features to automate their trading on the OKX account.

OKX and Altrady may be two separate entities. Still, they share the same vision of improving people's lives across the globe by offering innovative solutions to make crypto trading more manageable and more accessible to everyone. A better future for everyone. 

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Altrady is a crypto trading software company based in The Hague, Netherlands. Altrady is committed to developing innovative tools for easier crypto trading. 

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