SHIB Metaverse Makes Announcement That Thrills Shiba Inu Community


SHIB Metaverse Makes Announcement That Thrills Shiba Inu Community

Last Update: 2022-12-07

SHIB Metaverse Makes Announcement That Thrills Shiba Inu Community

Shiba Inu's metaverse has taken to Twitter to share an exciting announcement. While inviting the community to the Ryo Plaza fireside chat scheduled for Dec. 8, it says it will be giving away one free SHIB: The Metaverse Silver Fur Land to a lucky participant.

Based on location, the plots of land unveiled in the introductory phase of SHIB: Metaverse was divided into four tiers. Tier 1 is Diamond Teeth, which consists of 2,024 plots of land. Tiers 2 and 3 are Platinum Paw and Gold Tail, which consist of 5,714 and 7,356 plots, respectively.

The largest allocation of land is seen in Tier 4, which is Silver Fur and consists of 17,030 plots. The Silver Fur land goes for 0.2 ETH.

In July, Shiba Inu announced its historic partnership with world-class visualization studio The Third Floor (TTF) for the design and construction of its The Metaverse Project.

As TTF and metaverse advisor, as well as SHIB developers, get to work, HUB concepts will be unveiled, which makes community feedback quite imperative. The team announced that it will hold fireside chats on Discord between the Hub concept reveals to gather as much feedback as possible and learn about the community's thoughts and desires.

Shib metaverse continues to gain traction

According to OpenSea statistics, the current number of owners in the SHIB metaverse is 5,762, of which 29% are unique owners.  So far, the concept art of scenic dunes, growing dunes, Canyon, Rocket Pond, Wagmi Temple and Tech Trench have been unveiled. As reported by U.Today, Marcie Jastrow, SHIB metaverse advisor, is representing SHIB at the Immerse Global Summit, partaking in discussions that will advance the Shib ecosystem as well as the SHIB metaverse.


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