Solana Price Prediction: Where will be the third-largest blockchain in the upcoming years?


Solana Price Prediction: Where will be the third-largest blockchain in the upcoming years?

Last Update: 2022-05-26

Solana Price Prediction: Where will be the third-largest blockchain in the upcoming years? 

If you are regular crypto or NFT user, you must be aware of the Degenerate Ape Academy project that catapulted the price of SOL, the Solana blockchain coin, to the moon. 

From then onwards, it was a race with other blockchains, which Solana has been winning effectively. Lately, the SOL has become the crypto heaven for cryptocurrency traders, with the coin’s market cap rising from the #42nd position in 2021 to #7 in the same year. 

It's not the end, as the blockchain’s value is projected to rise more in the future. So let’s check out what the market experts say about Solana price prediction for upcoming years.

Solana: A revolutionary blockchain

Solana is an open-source blockchain providing support for Smart Contracts, including Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and several decentralized applications (dApps).

After two years of its launch in 2017, Solana has been on a constant rise, leaving many blockchains behind in its revolutionary race. Due to its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and faster transaction speed, Solana has established its niche as the third-largest blockchain, just behind Ethereum.

The blockchain ensures safer transactions, where the sender, receiver, and the amount transferred are not apparent to any other user on the network. Solana has 1,469 validator nodes which makes it an emerging decentralized platform. 

The blockchain uses a proof-of-history mechanism that secures the output so that it cannot be predicted from the input and must be executed to produce output. Solana market is growing at a fast pace, and it has many projects lining up from web3 to NFT and DeFi for future launch.

Solana (SOL) coin

Solana coin is the native utility token of the Solana blockchain and provides a secure means of transferring cryptocurrency. It merges segregated communities and versatile modules that are restricted to particular industries. Launched in 2020, the coin took the crypto market by force, establishing its place as part of Solana, the most reliable ecosystem having a user-friendly interface.

SOL has been molded by many multitalented hands engineers and programmers, making it more reliable. It also has the financial backing of 42,435 contributors; hence there is no chance that it's a scam. Any crypto trader can invest in SOL as no special training or expertise is required to trade this cryptocurrency. SOL is also adaptable to policy and regulation changes. 

Many alliances with Solana have emerged recently, making it an esteemed altcoin. 

These features are enough to clear the doubt that Solana has no future. It’s no surprise that the Solana price prediction indicators by the crypto market point to a price rise in SOL. 

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Solana market overview

After July 2020, the SOL price was much higher and trading at $1, and till August 2020, it continued its upside rally, just hitting the mark at $4. Afterward, it recorded a flattish trend which continued till the beginning of 2021. 

By the end of January 2021, SOL has achieved a top position in the crypto market, reaching a high of $40.

From that time onwards, the cryptocurrency was pushed forwards to a price above $40 by a bullish trend. Various alliances and collaborative projects have increased the Solana network's scalability to multi-million transactions per second. 

With popular DeFi, and Web3 projects built on it, Solana had garnered the top market position last year, with its price soaring above the $260.06 mark. Whereas the Solana price prediction of 2021 had been expected to hit $187. So the prediction really did come out to be realistic.

Based on the current Solana price prediction in April 2022, technical indicators and experts expect a bullish trend in the uprising. If it continues, SOL will be breaking many past price records. 

But keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are volatile, and any change in the social and political environment can affect their price. So we suggest researching the crypto market thoroughly before casting Solana price prediction and investing in the coin. 

We have mentioned the details of the current market price of SOL so you can project your own forecast.

Symbol SOL
USD Price $104.47
Market Cap $54.27 billion
Total Supply 519.78 million
Trading Volume $804.72 million
All-Time High $260.12
ROI 475.21x USD

Current data of April 2022 sourced from CoinDesk.

Solana price prediction: Forecast by market experts

Some market experts and forecasts platforms make Solana price prediction by analyzing a conservative angle, whereas others give more realistic estimates based on optimistic trends. So, let’s check out SOL price prediction based on realistic trends by crypto market experts. 

1. LongForecast

According to LongForecast, the SOL price is to reach around $273 by the end of 2022.

2. PricePrediction

PricePrediction has based its Solana price prediction on the cryptocurrency’s movement and is expecting it to trade at around $280.80 by the end of 2022.

3. Coin Price Forecast

Coin Price Forecast sees a promising future for SOL. It might depreciate marginally, but the bullish trend will push the price of SOL upwards, and by the end of 2023, it may soar to hit the mark of $676.

4. Wallet Investor

Based on WalletInvestor’s Solana price prediction, a long-term increase is expected in SOL price, which is a good indicator for investing in the coin. A 5-year investment is recommended, and around +968.41% revenue is expected.

5. DigitalCoinPrice

DigitalCoinPrice also sees hope in a price increase for SOL. The coin is showing positive momentum, so it is expected that a bullish trend will push it forward, and by the end of 2026, it may trade at around $337.42.

6. GOV Capital

GOV Capital’s forecasts about the SOL price are most optimistic. The Solana price prediction conducted by GOVCapital states the coin price to be around the $587.41 mark by the end of 2022.

Solana price prediction: 2022-2031

Undoubtedly, the Solana blockchain has the most interactive uncomplicated platform. So, it's not surprising that crypto investors are shifting towards it. Due to the recent developments in the decentralized exchanges, NFT yields, and web3, there is a possibility that soon Solana will become an alternative to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Solana’s native coin is also showing positive momentum by far, and the forecasts project it to outperform its rivals soon in the future. So will it be showing the same positive trend in the future? Let’s check SOL price prediction for 2022-2031 below:

Solana price prediction for 2022

For early 2022, based on the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP), the SOL price wave might bottom out at $109-$122 due to correcting market. But by mid of 2022, it is expected to recover and rally up to the $138.9 mark, or it may hover near $160. Many sources expect the SOL trading to go up so that it may gain 20% in the second half of the year.

Solana price prediction for 2023

Solana is a fast, reliable blockchain offering a functional cryptocurrency and user-comprehensive platform. Also, the prediction for 2023 states a drive to invest in functional crypto. As Solana has taken on the task of offering a multitude of features in the upcoming years to its users, crypto investors might be driven toward investing in the coin. This may result in a higher price gain for SOL. 

According to the market experts, Solana's price prediction for 2023 will see a rise in SOL price which may reach a maximum price value of $210.79, and by the end of the year, the minimum price value may be at $171.52. The average trading price of SOL is expected to be around $176.57.

Solana price prediction for 2024

Keeping in perspective the technological innovations and the progress Solana is making in the crypto market, there are a lot of ongoing speculations about the SOL price. The crypto community favors the blockchain due to its scalability, security, and affordable coin price. 

Moreover, if the company keeps on making alliances, forming partnerships, and launching more projects by 2024, the promotion alone will result in a gain for investors. So, by observing the Solana price prediction and crypto market trends, the SOL price projected for 2024 lies between $247.04 and $293.64.

Solana price prediction for 2025

As per Solana price prediction for 2025, the SOL will sail past the issues that any govt policy or regulation changes might create for cryptocurrencies.

The forecasted price is to reach a max of $430.94, or it may bow down to $348.44, but it won’t plummet. Also, some sources have predicted that it may reach a high of $510 in 2025.

Solana price prediction for 2026

If you consider all the optimistic data from technical analysis and charts, then SOL has the potential to reach $619.97 by 2026. The new ventures and partnerships may boost Solana’s ability to reach a new milestone, and the expected price of SOL to lie between a $490-$600 range.

Solana price prediction for 2027

In 2027, the price of SOL is expected to cross an average of $764.47, and the minimum price by the end of the year is forecasted to be at $764.47. But SOL may gain a maximum high of $892.26 in 2027.

Solana price prediction for 2028

The future looks very optimistic for Solana in 2028 as the SOL price may create a new record in the cryptocurrency market. According to the technical analysis and Solana price prediction for 2028 the expected price of SOL might cross $1,110.90, and the minimum price may remain steady at $1,072.68 at the end of the year. SOL may also jump high to reach a maximum of $1,254.93 according to the forecast of 2028.

Solana price prediction for 2029

The Solana price prediction of 2028 states that SOL will be breaking all records by gaining a maximum price of $1,567.76. By the end of the year it may be at a minimum of $1,512.22 but if the market keeps bullish often, it might be pushed forward to a maximum of $1,855.43.

Solana price prediction for 2030

According to crypto market experts and business analysts, SOL can hit a maximum price value of $2,621.49 in 2030 or retain an average trading price of $2,212.52 throughout the year. The minimum price value expected for SOL in 2030 is $2,149.80.

Solana price prediction for 2031

In 2031, the SOL price is predicted to reach an average price value of $3,309.72, and it may rise to a maximum of $3,783.91. By the end of the year, the coin is expected to trade at a minimum price value of  $3,199.10.

Solana price prediction 2022-2030
Year Min price value Avg price value Max price value
2022 $122.78 $126.33 $138.19
2023 $171.52 $176.57 $210.79
2024 $247.04 $254.10 $293.64
2025 $348.44 $358.60 $430.94
2026 $513.34 $531.27 $619.97
2027 $737.90 $764.47 $892.26
2028 $1072.68 $1110.90 $1254.93
2029 $1512.22 $1567.76 $1855.43
2030 $2149.80 $2212.52 $2621.49
2031 $3199.10 $3309.72 $3783.916

April, 2022 Solana price prediction data sourced from PricePrediction


What makes Solana valuable?

Solana touts the ability to verify 65,000 transactions per second at a meager cost of less than a penny each. It also boasts of being the fastest blockchain worldwide.

Is Solana a good investment?

According to the current technical analysis and Solana price prediction for upcoming years, SOL prices will increase due to shortage. 

Today SOL is trading at a maximum price value of $105.29 and a minimum value of $103.94, according to CoinMarketCap data. But at the end of the year, it is expected to be at $138.19, so we suggest a minimum 5-year span for investment in SOL.

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Will Solana's price rise in the future?

According to crypto market experts, SOL is showing an encouraging trend currently and for the upcoming years. So, if the market remains bullish often, the coin may hit the $3000 mark by 2031. But keep in perspective that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so any long-term prediction might not be correct. But by conducting thorough market research, you will be able to accomplish a good profit with your investment.

What is the highest price of SOL forecasted for 2022?

According to PricePrediction, the SOL price value is stated to reach $138.19 by the end of 2022.

Is Solana better than Ethereum?

Comparing both platforms, Solana’s price per transaction is lower than Ethereum. It is also fast, reliable, scalable, and secure, and the price of SOL is lower than many other cryptocurrencies. 

Solana is also interactive and user-friendly, and the software used to develop it is very popular among developers, making it easier to maintain and develop the platform. So, it is more adaptable to a change in the market trend, govt policies, and regulations. Thus, it makes it the current best cryptocurrency to invest in. Many crypto experts are also optimistic that the SOL price will rise in the upcoming years.

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Where to buy SOL?

There are several major cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy SOL. But each platform may offer a different way of purchasing the tokens. Each exchange may also differ in user experience, security, supported coin, and fee structure. Some of the more popular ones are Binance, Coinbase exchange, FTX, Kraken, etc. 


The crypto market is most optimistic about the price of SOL rising in the upcoming years due to the current market trend. If the market keeps bullish often, it will push the SOL price to an all-time high. Due to Solana being a fast, reliable, scalable, and secure platform, more users prefer to invest in SOL than other cryptocurrencies. 

The SOL coin has risen to the seventh rank in all cryptocurrencies, and the Solana chain has become the third-largest blockchain network, just lying behind the Ethereum ecosystem. Lately, Solana has been collaborating and forming alliances to create web3 and NFT projects, and many more are lining up for future launches. This has established the esteem of the SOL coin in the crypto market, and many users are also attracted by the cheaper transaction costs of the blockchain platform. 

Solana’s decentralized exchange is also emerging, and soon it is expected to bypass many others in the future. All these features and alliances have given rise to the SOL price, which is predicted to break records during the 2022-2031 period.

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