What to Expect from ELEV8 Blockchain Conference in Los Angeles this April

Last Update: 2021-12-17

It is undeniable that there are a lot of organized events happening in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain event by ELEV8

It is undeniable that there are a lot of organized events happening in the blockchain industry. From different areas of the globe, you will hear talks about upcoming meetups, seminars, symposia, and discussions that involve technology innovators, blockchain specialists, business leaders, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and even policy formulators. But what makes the blockchain conference set in Los Angeles from April 3 to 4 worthy of consideration?

First, it is organized by ELEV8. Basically, ELEV8 is a global community that works with both big companies and disruptive startups in the industry of blockchain technology. With a vision to create an interconnected economic global ecosystem, they constantly provide careful research, news dissemination, and event organization in the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency market.

Second, key blockchain personalities will share their knowledge and expertise. According to the ELEV8 website, there will be 34 key speakers who will deliver their presentations and speeches on the two-day event. Among those we look forward to are Heather Leigh Flannery, the Chair of the HIMSS Blockchain Task Force of ConsenSys Inc. and Jeremy Gardner, the founder of Augur.

Third, the ELEV8 blockchain conference will provide a wealth of ideas concerning the integration of the blockchain technology and the healthcare industry. It is among the goals of this event to bring forth the way that blockchain helps address long-existing problems in the management of hospitals, patient records, and even payment systems.

Fourth, the conference can serve as an effective medium for further innovation through networking and collaboration. Apart from keynote speeches, fora, and panel discussions, the conference will also put up an exhibition hall where like-minded souls can interact with each other to discuss the possibilities for blockchain development, technological revolution, and business growth.

Conferences such as this can surely sustain the distribution of knowledge and ignite further creativity for the realization of economic interdependence through the utilization of disruptive technology.

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