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XRP Price Prediction (Ripple): Is It a Threat for Bitcoin & Ethereum?

Last Update: 2022-01-31

XRP Price Prediction (Ripple): Is It a Threat for Bitcoin & Ethereum?

The cryptocurrency was named a scam or even illegal a few years ago. People did not believe this system, and now fiat currencies are in trouble. However, users are currently purchasing and selling products in cryptocurrency apart from investment. And Tesla set's up an example, where buyers can buy vehicles through crypto. 

In this situation, the platforms like Ripple and Stellar are getting more attention from the audience as they allow transactions in fiat and cryptocurrency. This thing brought the investor's attention to XRP. Now they are curious about XRP price prediction.

If you invest in XRP, the following information can be proved as a life savior. We cleared every aspect and predicted the future prices to give you enough idea before investing. So make sure to read till the end to make a sensible decision. 

What is Ripple (XRP)? 

Ripple is a platform to make payment transactions throughout the world within no time. The theme behind its creation is creating a trusting agent that can facilitate both parties in making payments in any currency. But the unique feature of the platform is dealing with both fiat and cryptocurrencies and even gold commodities.

Ripple is considered the replacement of SWIFT, the primary platform for international transactions. The benefit which attracted many users is low transaction fees compared to the banks in the worldwide transaction. The standard fee of the Ripple is just 0.00001 XRP, and that is nothing in front of other platforms. 

XRP is the native cryptocurrency of Ripple, which was created on blockchain by Jed McCaleb and his other two friends. This cryptocurrency operates on the XRP ledger, and the transaction fees deducted by the Ripple platform are also in XRP. Over this, all the transactions will be completed in less than 5 seconds which is the highest speed compared to any other platform.  

If you want to invest in Ripple, purchasing and buying XRP is the one option. It works the same as buying Ether on Ethereum. However, the XRP's blockchain operates slightly differently than the other currencies. Most cryptocurrencies need a basic verification process and are all set to start mining. But here is something different in the name of validators, and you need to choose one to start mining. 

Ripple has very long-term goals to make it a highly trusted brand worldwide. For now, it has 300+ financial institutes working in 40 big countries. Although, it's not even half of SWIFT, which has a network in 200 countries and is linked with 11000 financial institutions. 

XRP Price Analysis

At the launch time, XRP was not a market trend and started with the $0.0058 price point. This price remained the same for a few months until the investors started taking an interest in it. In 2017, Ripple announced collaborating with the Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, which boosted XRP price. 

If we look back and see the end of 2017, XRP was really in bad condition, and users were losing interest. The situation went on when XRP got itself back in February 2018 and then never looked back. Moving fast forward to 2020, the XRP was significantly in a good position and traded at $0.25 with a market cap of $9,206,907,569.  

Like any other cryptocurrency, XRP had some ups and downs during its voyage of 2020. There came the point when this coin reached $0.35 but drastically dropped to $0.15. Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, the coin still manages to hold itself at a constant price and looks forward to breaking its previous records. Today, XRP is traded at $0.61, and experts are hopeful about the price increase. 

Data Value
Market Cap/td> $ 29,518,447,053
Circulating Supply 47,736,918,345 XRP
Trading Volume $ 2,214,817,868
All-time high $3.84
All-time low $0.002802
Cardano ROI +19073.77%

How were 2020 and 2021 for Ripple (XRP)?

2020 was relatively good for XRP, and there was not too much variation in its bullish and bearish trends. The start of the year was not incredible; still, the coin managed to retain a good position before the march. A good patch went well until the prices dropped again due to unexpected events like a pandemic. However, the coin surprised its users with $0.79 at the end of 2020. 

Many factors contribute to the price variation, and no one can control these events. First is the Bitcoin market. Being a leader of the crypto world, Bitcoin prices affect other currencies. The other important factor is investor sentiments, and it plays a huge role in the success of any coin. 

In April 2020, Jed McCaleb sold more than 54 million Ripples, and investors didn't like this act. The prices dropped to the worst position after the news became public. After Ripple's new agreements with the world-leading banks and financial sectors, the XRP prices started getting a better position. 

Apart from banks, major cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Binance and Coinbase accepted the XRP as a crypto trading currency. Another big factor in the stability of XRP is the SEC company. After all these improvements, the coin price remained in the variation swing and ended with $0.3 in 2020. 

Since the end of 2020 was not incredible, that's why the coin took time at the start of 2021 to get stable. Finally, the price touched the $0.4 figure at the start of February. From February to April, the coin was trading between $0.4 to $0.6. Then out of nowhere, the price jumped to $1.80 and became the headline of the crypto market. 

According to the Coin Market Cap analysis, XRP stands at the seventh number in the list of word top cryptocurrencies. After a whole crypto market collapse, XRP was also affected badly and dropped down to $0.5 for some time. The battle between Ripple and SEC in 2021 hit the XRP prices badly, and somehow, it will regain the market value in 2022. 

Price Prediction of Ripple (XRP)

xrp price prediction

Currently, XRP is the talk of the town due to the spark token airdrop. Most of the investors started trading in XRP instead of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The major factor included in the XRP's journey is immediately good price points revival after getting down. Over this, it's better to sustain minor losses than BTC and ETH. 

One big edge that helps in XRP promotion is the stability of Ripple and how it's growing. If the coin continues making new agreements, the coin prices will never stop going high. Since it works bank-to-bank and brings new technology to the crypto world, investors are becoming a fan of it. 

Here are a few forecasts to see the future of the XRP coin. These predictions will give you an idea of the authority of this coin in the next few years. Without further ado, let's get into it!

XRP Price Prediction for 2022

The 2020 lawsuit has a dramatic effect on the price of XRP and keeps disturbing the graph. But the situation is not too hard, and the case will close soon. The best thing is, the coin still managed to sustain the prices during this case and got little or no effect on those conditions. If we talk about the future of XRP in 2022, different experts have different predictions. 

Trading beasts is considered the authentic source of crypto news, and its prediction for XRP is positive in 2022. According to their experts, the coin will start the year with a considerably high price, such as $1.58. Till the end of the year, the variation in the graph won't be too much, and the price would stand around $1.62.

Wallet Investors experts have concluded that the XRP price will move around $1.70 throughout the year. If any big collaboration happens during this time, it can go even above $2.0 but not more than $2.50.

Changelly concluded that Ripple recently made a big announcement and partnered with many renowned companies. These steps would surely increase the XRP investment, and prices can go even beyond $3.84. Although it seems like an unrealistic approach, it has already happened in the past. A single influencer tweet broke the prices charts.   

XRP Price Prediction for 2023

The price of XRP depends on public demand, and it can only be aroused through promoting the brand worldwide. In this situation, a thoughtful marketing strategy could be a game-changer. Trading Beasts experts predict the optimistic report of XRP prices in 2023 in which the range of the price would be around $1.62 to $1.84. The highest point that is possible is $2.0. 

Wallet Investors again think that 2023 will favor XRP and forecast a $2 price as an average. If it goes beyond that point, the maximum would be $2.8 at the end of the year. Crypto Ground is another authentic platform, and they predict that the prices will reach $2.37 after a few ups and downs. 

XRP Price Prediction from 2025 to 2030

If someone is going to invest in XRP, then the future of this coin beyond 2025 is very important to know. Because that would be the time when you will reap the fruits of today's investment, however, predicting prices for many years ahead is not a piece of cake as a little factor can disrupt the whole cryptocurrency. But with the help of blockchain experts, we believe that it's worth investing in XRP if you want to see results in 2030. 

Wallet Investor foresees that the minimum price in those five years would be above $3 and no way of getting down. However, if everything goes with the plan, the coin can touch $6 or $7 till 2030. Coin Price Forecast is also hopeful about the price increase, and their prediction is $4.02 at the start of the year. Later it can go beyond the $5 and even more. 

Pros & Cons of Ripple 

Since the performance of Ripple directly affects the XRP price, it's compulsory to investigate the properties of this platform. You would surely know some of its incredible features, but we want you to have a look at the dark side as well. If the disadvantages are not so concerned about price, you are good to go for investing. 


  1. Low Transaction Fees: The main purpose of Ripple protocol is to provide a highly safe and trusted platform for worldwide transactions. The main thing in every transaction protocol is the charges applied on every transfer. If we talk about Ripple, the transaction fee is 0.00001 XRP, around $0.29. These are the cheapest rate; you can ever find. 
  2. High Transaction Speed: The second big yes for Ripple is the transaction speed they offer. Unlike any other platform, it makes sure that the payment is reached at receiving within 5 seconds with complete security. Even market sharks like Bitcoin and Ethereum are unable to achieve this feat. 
  3. Skilled Team: Ripple is backed by a highly qualified team, and each allocated person is the master of his domain. So, we can expect something unique and bigger in the coming years. 
  4. Partnerships: The big achievement for Ripple is being able to collaborate with financial heads in the beginning. Now investors can use it on any big platform and make their payments. 


  1. High Competition: The international payment transfer industry has been clogged by many platforms. It's not easy to compete in this industry to take over companies like SWIFT and Stellar. So, it's also challenging for Ripple to come to the front as an industry leader. 
  2. Centralization: Involving a third party is not a favorite part for crypto investors. If you are making transactions in fiat currency, there is no problem. But the crypto enthusiasts don't like this feature and are moving towards other decentralized platforms. 

Is Ripple a Good Investment? 

Ripple coin price is always in the swing of highs and lows, but it offers something special. Since it's a centralized platform, the expansion of the DeFi industry is a red flag for its growth. People are shifting towards those protocols, but they are highly speculative. Governments are not accepting them yet, and anything could happen to them.

The prices of XRP are highly volatile and depend on the performance of Ripple. So, if you are an expert and aggressive trader, you would get multiple chances to earn profit in a single year. On the contrary, Ripple will remain safe in that situation as it is linked with popular financial heads in the world. 

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Where to buy XRP?

Ripple was involved in a court case with the SEC, which stopped the progress of the XRP coin. That's a reason you can't find XRP on any crypto exchange platform. If you want to buy XRPs, then know about the platforms providing this currency. Here we listed the top three protocols to purchase XRP tokens. 

  • eToro – Best for USA Buyers

eToro allows you to purchase XRP within 5 minutes, along with doing every essential step for purchasing. Because of worldwide popularity, this platform has more than 20 million users. You can hardly find any other exchange more secure than the eToro as they adopted best practices to save your digital assets. Moreover, it has multiple payment methods to serve your buying needs. 

  • Huobi – Best to Purchase with Crypto

If you want to own XRPs in exchange for any other crypto coin, Huobi is the best option for you. This platform allows you to swap with almost every stable cryptocurrency at a very low commission of 0.2%. Apart from that, it has a very easy-to-understand interface for beginners. You won't get stuck anywhere to tackle the complexity. 

  • Kraken – Best to Purchase with Fiat Currency

Kraken is the best option to purchase XRP with fiat money like USD. This incredible platform has more than 50 cryptocurrencies to purchase and trade. You just need to add the bank details and be ready to purchase any coin, including XRP. 


  1. Which crypto wallet is best for holding XPR?

For ultimate security, you should choose any hardware crypto wallet like Ledger. However, you can pick other save options from the Math Wallet, HyperPay, MetaMask, and Atomic Wallet. 

  1. Is Ripple Secure?

Yes, Ripple is a highly secure platform, and it's one of the reasons people are shifting towards this protocol. It has adopted the best practices for security against hacking and scams. 

  1. Can Ripple reach $10?

Anything is possible in cryptocurrency, but the chances of this much growth are low before 2030. However, the dream will come true if it becomes the number one platform for international transactions. 

Wrapping Up

The major factors are in favor of XRP, and the future is always about growth. But if an unexpected event happens like the SEC case in the past, then no one can hold its prices from drowning. However, the SEC court case showed us that XRP prices are not under the great influence of anything. We can still see the progress despite all of the happenings. So, if you want to take the risk of investing in it, you should go for it.

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