How To Create A Market Buy Order In Less Than 3 Seconds on Altrady

In this video, you will learn how to place a Market Buy Order on the Altrady platform quickly.

A market buy order allows you to buy tokens at the best possible price available on the open market.

Most exchanges only accept an API market buy order placed for an amount of the base currency (e.g. SOL), not for the amount to spend (e.g. 200 USDT). That means working out how much SOL to buy, which takes an extra step before placing the order. Here we show how to place a market buy order without determining how much base currency to buy.

Even better, we can create an Order Preset with a Hot key combination, which allows us to create and place a market buy order in 2 clicks.

0:00 Why are Market Buy orders often time-consuming to set up?

1:25 Create a quick manual Market Buy

2:49 Create an Order Preset for a Market Buy for super-fast order placement

5:16 An example using an Order Preset.

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