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QFL Crypto Trading Strategy | Guide to QFL Trading Strategy

Last Update: 2023-01-17

QFL Crypto Trading Strategy

The QFL (Quickfingersluc) strategy is a popular crypto trading method developed by the well-known crypto YouTuber, Quickfingersluc. Also referred to as the Base Strategy, the QFL strategy uses a quantitative approach to identify trading bases in the market and make trades based on that information. The strategy is designed to generate returns by exploiting upward and downward momentum in the crypto market through long and short positions. The QFL strategy has gained a reputation for its ability to identify profitable trades and its simplicity, making it a favorite among many crypto traders. This article will look closely at the QFL strategy, its origins, and how it can generate returns in the crypto market.

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What is QFL?

The QFL Trading Strategy, also known as the Base Strategy, is based on identifying trading bases. This could help determine the purchase and sale action of the trader. It is crucial to understand the key terms associated with the price movement of the candlestick graph when following the basic strategy.

How does QFL Strategy work?

  • First, it lets you make sense of the red and green lines on the candlestick graphs.
  • Second, it gives you a cue at the right time for buying or selling your digital assets.
  • Third, it lets you efficiently play your move according to your risk level and targeted profit.

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Candlestick graph's price movement key terms

Base Level

This is also called the Support Level, the lowest price level reached before the price starts turning and increasing again. At the base level, you will notice that buyers of some coins in the crypto market have a strong reaction.

Rebound Level 

This is observed when the coin price sharply moves upward right after touching the base or support level. Rebound happens because of a strong buyer reaction, which drives the price back up again.

Resistance Level 

This is the highest coin price level just before the increase stops, and the price drops again. At the resistance level, you will notice that panic sales usually happen, which then drags the coin price down.


This event happens when there is a strong ticker pulse movement at a distance from the base level down to the subsequent rebound formation.
If you want to earn Bitcoin or grow your digital assets, it's not enough to sign up for the best crypto trading platform. You also need to know the basics of your chosen strategy. Now that you know the key terms of QFL trading, it is time to discuss the necessary actions that are part of the basic strategy.

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QFL Strategy: Step-by-Step Trading Actions

  1. Find cryptocurrency markets with whippy charts
  2. Find strong bases with higher rebounds
  3. Examine the frequency of panic sales and buy when traders are selling in panic
  4. Set alerts based on your preferred base level

Find cryptocurrency markets with whippy charts

Finding whippy markets is one of the primary keys to earning cryptocurrency from exchange platforms. But what do we mean by whippy markets? These are cryptocurrency markets with charts that resemble a whip. In essence, it's characterized by unstable coin prices that frequently go up and down. Unlike stable markets, whippy markets offer traders many opportunities to have profitable entry points.

Find strong bases with higher rebounds.

Higher rebounds only mean a strong buyer reaction in the market, which can make for a profitable QFL trading action. High rebounds are characterized by significant increases in price from the base or support level.

Examine the frequency of panic sales and buy when traders sell in panic.

Examining how frequent panic sales occur in a particular cryptocurrency market is essential. One of the aspects of QFL trading is buying during panic sales. Determine the probability of new cracks in the future by checking how panic sales work at the previous base levels at a rebound and calculating the average size of such panic sales.
To have an idea about how future panic sales would drop the coin price further, you can make an average calculation of the distance between the price during the start of the panic and the base level.
To know your entry point based on the crack's length, you can calculate the distance between the previous base levels.

Set alerts based on your preferred base level and use a reliable crypto market scanning tool.

To monitor the movement of cryptocurrency prices, it is necessary to use accurate and reliable crypto market scanning software. Crypto Base Scanner by the Altrady cryptocurrency trading platform can help you immediately spot important coin price movements. It has a base alert feature that can notify you of real time when a coin price drops to your targeted percentage level.

Alerts from Crypto Base Scanner will help you comprehensively analyze the cryptocurrency chart. Upon receiving the signal, look at the market graph and try to spot panic sales for a profitable entry point.

Get a free 14-day subscription from altrady.com now and take advantage of its tools and features that can help you trade using the QFL trading strategy easily and conveniently.


Altrady traders have been using QFL Crypto Trading Strategy for some time now, and they've shared their positive results with the community. We hope this blog post will help you make up your mind about this trading strategy. Also, if you are a little confused about how the QFL strategy works, we invite you to join our crypto community here. We'd love to help you out!

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