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Free Paper Trading Plan Forever

The Free Paper Trading Plan Forever in Altrady is the perfect solution for beginner traders who want to learn how to trade without paying and test their strategies risk-free. Our paper trading plan provides a simulated trading environment where you can practice and refine your trading skills using real market data and conditions.

Free Access To Our Expert Trading Community

This is a community of like-minded people who are learning and growing with you. Here at Altrady, the learning process is open and inclusive. We have a welcoming community of traders willing to help you traverse the right path by giving you expert advice. If you need clarification, let us know, and we will gladly help you. With members from different countries, you will find someone who "gets you.”

Free Support 24/7

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to our users. That's why we offer free support 24/7, so you can get help whenever needed. Our knowledgeable support team is available around the clock to answer your questions, resolve any issues you may encounter, and provide guidance on how to get the most out of our platform. Whether you're a beginner trader or an experienced professional, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Free Crypto Trading Courses - Coming Soon

Whether you are new to crypto or looking to improve your trading skills, our courses willprovide the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in the exciting world of crypto trading.

Learn to Manage Your Emotions

Managing your emotions is key to successful trading.

We've developed our proprietary Risk Calculator to help you make informed trading decisions and manage your emotions effectively.

The Risk Calculator considers various factors to provide you with an accurate estimate of potential profit and loss for each trade. This valuable information lets you make more rational and disciplined trading decisions and avoid emotional pitfalls like fear and greed. 

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, the Risk Calculator is essential for managing your emotions and achieving long-term trading success.


Practice trading with no risk and no time limit!

Altrady's free forever paper trading plan is the perfect way to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence.

After the 14 days free trial, you will have unlimited access to the Free Paper Trading Plan.

Make Extra Money By Sharing Your Learnings With The World

Sharing knowledge is key to fostering a strong and supportive trading community. That's why we've developed our Affiliate Program, designed to reward our users for sharing their learnings with the world. 

With our Affiliate Program, you can earn extra money by referring new users to our platform. When someone signs up for Altrady using your unique referral link, you'll receive a commission on their subscription fees. Not only will you be making extra money, but you'll also be helping others discover the benefits of Altrady's powerful trading tools and features.

Reviews Altrady

Real Traders Share Their Experience with Altrady

- The All-in-One Crypto Trading Platform

Great Platform

Great platform with a big variety of trading features, including ladder orders, smart orders, and bots. Very accessible and no-nonsense team. Quick response from the helpdesk, also late at night or on weekends. If there is an issue, Benoist (founder) and his team jump in to solve, fix or improve.


Support and platform 5+ stars!

I've had multiple questions and requests for support. But besides the truly mindblowing service level, the platform is hands-down the best I've used thus far. Bye-bye, 3commas, and welcome Altrady!!


Fast and reliable trading platform

Fast and reliable trading platform. Great ability to link many different exchanges. Built-in trading Signal bot works super well. Good profits. Customer service works fast. Also accessible through different channels (Discord, chat). Problems/questions I asked were resolved quickly. All in all a nice and reliable platform to use.

Jeroen Jansen

Simple easy platform to use

Simple easy platform to use even for beginners and has real customer service. Had an issue with my account and within 15mins had it sorted. Great service.

Christian Sanson

With enough knowledge and practice, you can trade your way to financial success.

And Become Financial Free


A crypto trader with a strong foundation in manual trading and bots

Build your foundation for success by learning essential concepts and processes through the Altrady Academy. Then, explore the different strategies and methods you could use with the help of the Altrady community!


A crypto trader who knows how to utilize and take advantage of powerful trading features

Subscribe to the Altrady platform and simplify the process of trading. Get everything you need to manage your trades across multiple exchanges in one simple and convenient trading platform!


A crypto trader who can minimize the risks and maximize the potential

A crypto trader who is equipped and empowered to achieve bigger things knows the right time when to buy or sell coins. Use Altrady's crypto signals, price alerts, break-even calculator, and other trading tools to build your assets!


A crypto trader who is equipped and empowered to achieve bigger things

Move from a beginner trader to a more experienced one as you learn to maximize the use of our smart trading, bots, signals, trading terminal, base scanner, portfolio manager, and more!

Join us and make extra money.

By joining our program, you can earn a commission for every sale through your unique referral link. It's simple, easy, and a great way to monetize your online presence

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