Best Tools for Cryptocurrency Fundamental Analysis

Whether you want to compare different cryptocurrencies or avoid scams and fraudulent projects, fundamental analysis helps you with objective and reliable data and metrics that can support decision-making and reduce bias and emotions. 

Additionally, as the crypto market continues to grow, and more projects go live on mainnet, fundamental analysis is becoming increasingly important and a sophisticated approach in terms of investing.

Thus, you need to rely on fundamental analysis (FA) tools that provide valuable insights. 

Here’s a list of some of the best tools you can use.

Altrady Trading Platform

Altrady stands as an all-encompassing solution for traders, addressing several challenges. Our platform empowers traders with an extensive array of tools, fostering portfolio management, seamless trade execution, and informed decision-making within the dynamic cryptocurrency markets. Whether you're a newcomer exploring the digital asset landscape or a seasoned trader refining your strategies, Altrady is your ally.

Altrady platform delivers real-time market data for supported exchanges, ensuring you stay ahead with the latest market updates. This encompasses real-time price tracking, order book updates, market depth insights, and a comprehensive trades list. Plus, it features a dedicated page for real-time price tracking and coin-checking for cryptocurrencies.

Unlike crypto exchanges primarily tailored for long-term investors, Altrady is a trading platform meticulously crafted for active traders. Every Altrady feature is thoughtfully designed to simplify the lives of crypto traders, mitigate risks, and maximize profits.



This is one of the most popular and widely used websites for crypto information. It provides data on market capitalization, price, volume, supply, and historical performance of thousands of cryptocurrencies. It also features news, events, rankings, ratings, and educational resources. 

You can use CoinMarketCap to get a quick overview of the crypto market and evaluate a cryptocurrency's overall market position. Additionally, you can compare different coins and tokens.


This platform provides curated and transparent data and research on crypto assets. It offers metrics like real volume, on-chain activity, valuation, sentiment, governance, risk, and returns. It also features reports, newsletters, podcasts, and events. You can use Messari to dive deeper into the fundamentals and trends of the crypto space.


Messari offers its curated screens based on criteria like weekly gainers, crypto M&A deals, DeFi projects, etc. But you also have the option to create custom screens based on your own comparison criteria. 

The platform also offers an advanced intel section and information on upcoming crypto and blockchain projects – available for subscribing plans. 


This is a platform that provides on-chain analytics and insights for crypto assets. It tracks metrics like: 

  • active addresses
  • transactions
  • fees
  • mining
  • exchanges
  • wallets
  • DeFi
  • NFTs 

It also offers charts, dashboards, alerts, and indicators. You can use Glassnode to monitor the network health and behavior of crypto assets.


Glassnode also helps you examine derivatives and institutional trading volumes, volatility in markets, open interest, and leverage related to futures and options. Plus, you can also view analysis and research on all crypto’s growth rates, news sentiment, and coin economics.


CoinGecko is another popular website for crypto information. It offers live prices, charts, and historical data on over 12,000+ cryptocurrencies and provides data on:

  • market capitalization
  • volume
  • liquidity
  • developer activity
  • community engagement


It also features news, guides, podcasts, newsletters, crypto quarterly reports, various research insights, plus educational resources on anything related to crypto.

You can use CoinGecko to discover new and trending cryptocurrencies and their fundamentals, overall providing a holistic perspective for fundamental analysis.

Dapp Radar

DappRadar is a platform that tracks, discovers, and analyzes decentralized applications (Dapps) across various blockchain networks. It provides data and insights on Dapp activity, performance, user behavior, token transactions, NFT sales, and more. 

DappRadar also offers features like quests, airdrops, token swaps, and portfolio management for dApp users and enthusiasts.

Art.04_dapp radar.png

DappRadar can help you with fundamental analysis of Dapps by providing you with various metrics and indicators that reflect the quality, popularity, profitability, and potential of different Dapps. Some of these metrics and indicators are:

  • daily unique active wallets (UAW)
  • Total Value Locked (TVL)
  • market share

DappRadar also provides industry reports that give you an overview of the Dapp ecosystem as a whole or for specific blockchain networks or product categories. 

DeFi Llama

DeFi Llama is a platform that aggregates and presents vital data and analytics of different DeFi protocols in one place. It aims to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the DeFi landscape by offering real-time information about protocol TVL (Total Value Locked), lending and borrowing rates, trading volumes, token prices, stablecoins, and much more. 

Art.04_defi llama.png

DeFi Llama acts as a window to the world of decentralized finance, enabling users to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

One of DeFi Llama’s main features is protocol tracking and analysis, providing real-time information on the TVL of various DeFi protocols across different blockchains, like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, etc. 

By tracking TVL, you can assess the popularity and growth of different protocols, identify potential investment opportunities, or gauge the overall health of the DeFi ecosystem.

DeFi Llama also allows you to monitor and compare oracles (external data like prices, events, and outcomes to smart contracts on blockchains), so you can see if DeFi protocols are compromised or manipulated.


Specializing in sentiment analysis, TheTIE aggregates social media and news sentiment for cryptocurrencies and generates scores and indicators that reflect the fundamental strength of each coin or token. It helps investors gauge market sentiment and make informed decisions based on community reactions.

Art.04_the tie.png

Some of the features that The Tie offers are:

  • sentiment analysis: The Tie measures the sentiment of the crypto community towards each coin or token, based on the volume and tone of tweets, news articles, Reddit posts, etc. The Tie also provides a sentiment divergence indicator, which shows when the sentiment is significantly different from the price movement, indicating a potential reversal or breakout.
  • development activity: The Tie tracks the development activity of each coin or token, based on the number and frequency of commits, pull requests, issues, etc., on GitHub. The Tie also provides a development divergence indicator, which shows when the development activity is significantly different from the price movement, indicating a potential change in the project's direction or quality.
  • Long-Term Value Score: The Tie calculates a long-term value score for each coin or token, based on a combination of factors, such as market capitalization, trading volume, liquidity, network activity, social engagement, etc. The long-term value score reflects the relative value of each coin or token in comparison to others in the same category or sector.


Armed with the right tools, you can navigate the complexities of this dynamic landscape with confidence. From staying updated on the latest news to delving into blockchain explorers, price analysis platforms, and on-chain metrics, the best tools for fundamental analysis will empower you to make informed decisions in an ever-changing crypto environment. 

You can uncover hidden opportunities and position yourself for success.

However, keep in mind that while FA provides valuable insights, it’s also important to consider other factors like market trends and personal risk tolerance when making investment decisions.