Evaluating the Team and Development

  • How to Assess A Crypto's Founding Team and Experience

    One of the most important factors to consider when investing in a crypto project is the team behind it. The team is responsible for developing the vision, strategy, technology, and execution of the project. A strong team can make or break a crypto project, especially in a highly competitive and innovative space.

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the key factors to consider when assessing a crypto project's team and their background.

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  • Understanding a Crypto Project’s Development Roadmap and Milestones

    It’s never a good idea to make impulsive decisions when you get your hopes high and think about investing in the next big thing in the crypto space.

    When it comes to new or less popular cryptocurrencies, part of your fundamental analysis should include checking the project’s development roadmap and milestones. While it doesn’t require reading them from A to Z, having an overview is essential for understanding the risks and challenges that the project may face.

    Yet, not all roadmaps and milestones are created equal. Some projects may have vague, unrealistic, or outdated roadmaps that don’t reflect the actual state of the project. Some projects may have overly ambitious or complex roadmaps that are difficult to execute or verify. Some projects may have no roadmap at all, or only provide a few updates on their social media channels.

    Read below and find valuable tips on how to understand and evaluate a crypto project's development roadmap and milestones.

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  • How to Review a Crypto Project’s GitHub Activity and Code Quality

    When you evaluate a new coin, you look at market potential, team expertise, and community support. But code quality tends to be an overlooked aspect even though it’s an important step before getting involved (aka investing) in a crypto project.

    For investors, understanding the code quality helps them effectively assess the project's reliability and mitigate potential risks. For developers, it provides insights into the project's development practices, making collaboration and contribution more feasible.

    Here are the key elements you should analyze within crypto projects’ GitHub activity and code quality.

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  • Case Studies of Successful Crypto Fundamental Analysis Projects

    Successful fundamental analysis in crypto always translates into future profits. In other words, you uncover cryptocurrencies that later prove they were a good idea for long-term investments, as their value flourished over the years.

    If you’d have to quickly name prominent cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum would instantly come to your mind. However, fundamental analysis has contributed to the success of other crypto projects that have sustained their market dominance.

    Let's delve into the fundamental analysis aspects that have shaped the success stories of some of the most notorious crypto projects.

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