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  • How to Evaluate the Technology Behind Cryptocurrencies

    Everyone knows that blockchain is the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrencies. But where exactly should you look when assessing the tech behind a crypto project?

    Some cryptocurrencies have more potential than others, depending on their technology, innovation, and adoption. You want to look for a cryptocurrency that has a strong technical foundation and is backed by innovative technology. A clear indicator in this sense is a cryptocurrency with a strong use case and one that’s actually being used in real-world applications.

    In technical terms, you’ll have to evaluate crypto’s security, scalability, and functionality. This knowledge is crucial for identifying innovative projects with the potential to disrupt industries and drive long-term value.

    Read below the key factors you need to consider.

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  • Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms and Scalability Solutions – Their Impact on Crypto Transactions

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are no strangers to attacks and fraud and that’s where consensus plays a crucial role. Without a reliable consensus mechanism, the blockchain network becomes susceptible to security breaches. This opens the possibility of forks, causing the network to divide into multiple independent networks, which in turn could lead to a decline in trust within the system.

    In terms of scalability, cryptocurrencies lag far behind traditional banking systems since Bitcoin can only process 7 transactions/second as opposed to Visa whose rate goes up to 2,400 transactions/second. Thus, it remains a fundamental challenge to mainstream adoption, with developers continually seeking solutions for it.

    Understanding these two elements is essential in getting a clearer picture of how cryptocurrencies work and how to apply fundamental analysis.

    Take a deep dive into the realm of consensus mechanisms and scalability solutions used by cryptocurrencies.

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  • How to Assess Blockchain Security and Network Stability

    Blockchain security and network stability are essential for the success and adoption of any decentralized system.

    In the context of cryptocurrencies, blockchain security features ensure the integrity of transactions and protect against threats like double spending, data security, frauds, currency reproductions, and others.

    Therefore, gaining a better understanding of blockchain security is fundamental and directly linked to the operation and trustworthiness of cryptocurrencies.

    Read below to learn about the common methods and tools that can help you evaluate how secure and stable a blockchain network is.

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  • Blockchain Innovation and Unique Features

    Blockchain technology was initially designed as the underlying framework for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The fast-growing interest in this technology and its constant innovative developments led to a booming crypto industry. It went from just 7 cryptocurrencies reported by CoinMarketCap in 2013 to over 9,000 coins in circulation today.

    With decentralization at its core, blockchain technology has reshaped the way we perceive and conduct transactions. It was all possible through the unique combination of decentralization, immutability, trust, and transparency.

    Here’s exactly how blockchain’s unique features are a driving force behind a wave of innovation and what its promise of economic freedom entails.

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