Risk Assessment Tools

  • Crypto Risk Assessment Tools – Why You Need Them

    Like any crypto trader, you want to quantify and manage the risks associated with the crypto market’s inherent fluctuations. This is where risk assessment tools play a key role and are seen as essential components in the toolkit of a crypto trader.

    Read below and find out how risk assessment tools can significantly enhance your ability to make informed decisions and protect your crypto investments.

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  • Use Volatility Indicators to Assess Risks When Trading Crypto

    Volatility is both a blessing and a curse for crypto traders. However, if you understand and use volatility indicators effectively, you can better assess crypto assets’ risk and potential price movements.

    Read more below to learn why volatility indicators are essential tools in a crypto trader's arsenal.

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  • Historical Volatility vs Implied Volatility – What Crypto Traders Should Know

    Volatility is a key concept in the world of cryptocurrency trading, influencing investment decisions and risk management strategies.

    But you might not know that you need to take into account historical volatility (HV) and implied volatility (IV) – two different metrics that provide useful but different insights.

    Understanding the difference between these two types of volatility metrics is crucial for crypto traders, especially since volatility in crypto is much higher than in traditional finance.

    Read below and explore the definitions of historical and implied volatility, their significance in crypto trading, and practical examples to illustrate their applications.

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  • Examples of Volatility-Based Crypto Trading Strategies and How to Apply Them

    Cryptocurrency markets are infamous for their volatility, offering both substantial profit opportunities and significant risks. Amidst this dynamic landscape, you can employ various strategies to capitalize on price fluctuations. One of the approaches that has been gaining traction is volatility-based trading.

    Read below more about what volatility-based crypto trading strategies entail, explore their mechanisms, and provide insights into their application in today's market environment.

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