Crypto Trading Volume – An Important Part of Price Patterns

Volume is a critical component in analyzing price patterns within the cryptocurrency market.  It provides a window into the market's soul, offering clues about the strength of price movements and the general sentiment among traders. 

Understanding how to interpret trading volume can give you a significant edge, allowing you to make more informed decisions and potentially increase your winning trades.

Here’s more about the significance of volume, how it influences price patterns, and some examples that illustrate its importance in crypto trading.

How Does Trading Volume Influence Price Patterns

Volume in the context of crypto trading refers to the number of digital assets traded within a specific timeframe, typically represented in charts as bars beneath the price line. 

The way crypto trading volume directly impacts price patterns:

Confirms price movements

Volume is a confirmation tool for price movements. For instance, a price increase accompanied by high volume indicates strong buying interest, making the upward trend more likely to be sustained. Conversely, a price increase with low volume might signal a weak rally, prone to reversals.

Volume can also hint at market efficiency. If an equal amount of cryptocurrency is being bought and sold (in terms of volume), the price will remain stable. This stability suggests that traders' opinions about the price are well-informed; this is what is known as market efficiency.

Identifies trend strength

Volume helps in assessing the strength of a trend. In a robust uptrend, increasing volume suggests sustained buying pressure. In a downtrend, increasing volume indicates growing selling pressure. Declining volume in either scenario could imply that the trend is losing momentum.

Spots reversals

Significant changes in volume can precede price reversals. For example, a sudden spike in volume after a prolonged downtrend might indicate that selling pressure is exhausting, and buyers are stepping in, potentially reversing the trend.

Offers view into market sentiment

High volume during price increases often signifies bullish sentiment, while high volume during price declines indicates bearish sentiment. Analyzing volume patterns alongside price movements can help you gauge the overall market mood.

Show investor interest

Changes in volume over time provide insights into investor interest in a project. This snapshot of trading activity can help you make informed decisions. If trade volume is consistently increasing, it could mean growing interest and confidence in a particular cryptocurrency or exchange. 

When you see coins with low volume that quickly turn into high-volume ones, it means that they’ve attracted positive investor interest.

Analyzing Volume and Price Action – Key Points to Consider

Confirmation – bullish momentum

A price increase accompanied by rising volume typically signals a strong, enduring upward trend.

Divergence – warning signs

If prices hit new highs but volume drops, it may indicate a weakening trend and a potential bearish reversal.

Volume clusters – key areas

High trading activity at major support or resistance levels forms volume clusters, highlighting areas where the market might change direction.

Volume on pullbacks – pausing the trend

In a solid trend, pullbacks with lower volume suggest a minor pause rather than a major reversal, indicating the overall trend is still strong.

Real Examples

Ethereum's growth in early 2018

In January 2018, Ethereum's price rose sharply from around $700 to over $1,300 within a few weeks. This price increase was supported by a notable spike in trading volume. The high volume indicated robust buying pressure, confirming the upward trend and attracting more investors to the market.

ETH price early 2018


Litecoin's rally in late 2019

In December 2019, Litecoin experienced a rally, with its price rising from around $40 to $60 within a month. This upward movement was supported by an increase in trading volume, indicating strong buying interest. The rising volume confirmed the trend, giving traders confidence in the sustainability of the price increase.

Litecoin price 2019

Source: AMBCrypto

Practical Tips for Using Volume in  Crypto Trading

1. Combine volume with other indicators

While volume is a powerful tool, it’s most effective when used in conjunction with other technical indicators. For example, combining volume analysis with moving averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), or Bollinger Bands can provide a more comprehensive view of market conditions.

2. Analyze volume spikes

Pay attention to unusual volume spikes, as they often precede significant price movements. Sudden increases in volume can indicate impending breakouts or breakdowns, providing valuable trading opportunities.

3. Monitor volume across different timeframes

Analyzing volume across multiple timeframes helps in understanding the broader market context. For instance, high volume on a daily chart may confirm a trend, while low volume on an hourly chart might suggest short-term consolidation.

Key Takeaways

Volume is an indispensable aspect of crypto trading, offering critical insights into market dynamics and price patterns. 

  • Volume provides insights into the strength and sustainability of price trends.
  • The total volume traded for a cryptocurrency is directly related to its volatility. 
  • Volume can act as a precursor to market movements.

If you understand and effectively use volume, you can enhance your decision-making process, identify trends, and anticipate potential reversals.