QFL Bot Trading

The Smart QFL Bot, powered by Altrady's Signal Bot, is a sophisticated trading solution designed to optimize market entries, particularly when a market rebound is anticipated. This bot is engineered to operate with minimal manual intervention to secure consistent, incremental profits over time.

What is a QFL Trading Bot?

The QFL Trading Bot, using the Quick Fingers Luc strategy, revolves around a quantitative approach to trading. At its core, this innovative bot thrives on identifying trading bases within the market, allowing traders to execute well-timed trades based on these insights. Unlike conventional trading methods, the QFL Trading Bot operates automatically, mitigating the impact of emotions and human error while capitalizing on data-driven decisions.

Central to the QFL Trading Bot's effectiveness is the QFL strategy itself. This strategy capitalizes on both upward and downward market movements, utilizing long and short positions to exploit market momentum. The QFL Trading Bot facilitates informed decision-making by accurately identifying trading bases, translating into potential profits.

How to Setup Your QFL Bot?

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Leveraging CBS Signals

The Smart QFL Bot employs Altrady's CBS (Crypto Base Scanner) signals to identify favorable entry points in markets poised for a potential bounce.


Simplicity and Automation

With carefully calibrated settings, the bot operates autonomously, requiring little hands-on management from the trader. This automated approach facilitates hassle-free trading, making it accessible to traders of various experience levels.


Steady Profits

While occasional losses are inherent in trading, the Smart QFL Bot aims to yield longer-term gains for most traders. By adhering to its strategies and settings, traders can potentially achieve consistent profitability over time.


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Traders can adjust settings over time, tailoring the bot's behavior to align with their unique trading style and risk tolerance and track all the progress using powerful analytics.


Webhook /Tradingview support for QFL Bot

With our QFL bot's webhook support, you can seamlessly connect your pine script strategies to automate position openings based on your signals. This integration is designed to offer you unmatched flexibility and control over your trading decisions.


Optimize Your Trading with Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

In the trading world, maximizing opportunities is essential, and that's where Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) comes into play.

Unlock the Power of DCA: When a signal is generated, incorporating Dollar Cost Averaging can be a game-changer. Our QFl bot allows you to specify your desired entry layers, ensuring your position is adjusted whenever an entry order is filled.


Multiple Take-Profit Orders

Configuring multiple take-profit levels with our QFL bot is a user-friendly process. Our intuitive interface guides you through the setup, making it accessible for traders of all experience levels.

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How the QFL Bot works?

  • CBS signals are generated when a base meets specific criteria, indicating potential trading opportunities.
  • Upon receiving a valid signal, the bot places an entry order and DCAs, seeking to take advantage of the projected market rebound.
  • If there are insufficient funds for DCAs, the initial entry order is placed, and a warning is issued.
  • If a signal does not align with set criteria, it appears in the bot's Error Log.
  • Filled orders result in new positions and trade arrows on charts.
  • If the entry order remains unfilled within 15 minutes, the position and orders are canceled, and the bot awaits a new signal

What are the benefits of a QFL Bot?

The QFL Trading Bot emerges as a beacon of technological advancement and strategic precision in a realm where market conditions can change instantly. By fusing Quickfingersluc's proven strategy with automation and Altrady's Signal Bot, traders can potentially unlock consistent profits while enjoying a seamless trading experience. The QFL Trading Bot is not just a tool; it's a revolutionary approach to crypto trading that caters to both the novice and the expert, all while pushing the boundaries of trading efficiency.

Is it possible to integrate custom signals with the QFL Bot?

Yes, you can integrate custom signals with the QFL Bot by configuring it with webhook support. However, we recommend using Altrady powerful proprietary CBS signal for QFL, with a proven track record of high returns and 6 years of data that demonstrates that.  

Why Choose Altrady's CBS Signals for QFL?

  1. Proven Track Record: Altrady's CBS signals have consistently delivered high returns over a span of 6 years, validating their effectiveness.
  2. Reliable Analysis: Our team of experts ensures that each CBS signal is grounded in thorough research and market intelligence.
  3. Minimized Risk: By relying on Altrady's signals, you benefit from the meticulous analysis and reduce the potential for misguided trading decisions.

What are the recommended settings for QFL Bot?

  • Exchange: Recommended exchanges with good liquidity.
  • Quote Currency: BTC or Stable coin.
  • Algorithm: Day Trading.
  • Max Concurrent Positions: 2 to 4 positions, offering a trade-off between risk and potential profit.
  • Max Positions per Market: 1.
  • Minimum 24 hr Volume: Defined minimum volume.
  • Min Price: For BTC bots, a specified minimum price.
  • Initial Order Size: Determined based on account size and number of positions.
  • Entry Price Deviation: A percentage increase to enhance the chance of order fulfillment.
  • Entry Order Expiration: Orders expire after 15 minutes if not filled.
  • Custom Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA): Defined percentages for DCAs.
  • Take Profit: Signal-based approach.
  • Stop Loss: Custom-defined stop loss percentage.

Minimum Account Size and Number of Positions for QFL Bot

The minimum account size is influenced by the exchange's minimum order size for the chosen quote currency and the number of concurrent positions. Examples of calculations for different exchanges and currencies are provided.