Mastering Order Placement: A Comprehensive Guide to Different Order Types in Altrady Trading Platform

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on placing different orders using the Altrady trading platform. In this video, we will cover the various order types available in Altrady and how to use them to buy or sell cryptocurrencies effectively.

First, let's start with market orders. Market orders allow you to immediately buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the current market price. However, the price is not defined, and sometimes market orders can be executed at a worse price than expected. Market orders are used when users want to quickly buy or sell cryptocurrencies, no matter what the price is.

Next, we have market stop orders. Market stop orders allow you to add a trigger price, at which your market order will be created and executed. These are mostly used for stop-loss orders or when you are waiting for breakouts.

Moving on to limit orders, they allow you to ensure that your order is executed at a specific price or better. However, the downside is that the limit price may never be reached, and the order will remain unfilled. Limit orders are still the most popular trading type for professional traders.

Then, we have stop-limit orders, which can be used on any crypto exchange, even those that do not support it natively. Stop-limit orders require a trigger price to be set, and after reaching this price, the limit order will be created. Stop-limit orders can be used to trade breakouts or wait for a confirmation before placing an order.

Trailing stops allow you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at better prices. For example, if you want to sell your cryptocurrencies at a higher profit but not miss the top, you can set a trailing stop to follow the price up, and as soon as the price moves down by a specified percentage, your cryptocurrencies will be sold.

Finally, we have ladders. Ladders allow you to create up to 10 entry or exit limit orders. There are two types of ladders in Altrady - scaled ladders and targets. Scaled ladders allow you to set specific upper and lower prices and select the number of orders within this range. Users can apply specific order distribution rules for the ladder by selecting price and size scales. Target ladders let you create multiple independent limit orders.

In conclusion, Altrady offers a range of order types that you can use to buy or sell cryptocurrencies effectively. We encourage you to practice using different types of orders and experiment with different strategies. Thank you for watching, and we hope you found this tutorial helpful.