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Published On: Apr 30, 2024
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What is Paper Trading? Learn How to Practise Trading Without Losing Money

Paper trading is a safe and secure method of practicing trading without using real money. This article will explain the essentials of paper trading so you can start your trading journey with confidence!

paper trading

Key Takeaways

  • Paper trading is an educational means that newbies and expert traders use to perfect their trading strategies without investing actual money.
  • It provides a zero-risk environment but may fail to mimic conditions of the real market.
  • Traders having enough knowledge, confidence, financial resources, and effective strategies are well-prepared to move from paper to real trading.
  • Altrady is a renowned crypto trading website that presents free paper trading plans with advanced features that are hard to find anywhere else.


Paper trading allows participants to perform trades in a virtual environment by using fake money. Traders set up a simulated account that works like a real trading account. It means, it offers the same tools, attributes, and market movements.

Paper trading is considered a valuable educational tool for both novice and pro traders. It lets beginners get a feel for the market mechanism while allowing skilled traders to test out new trading strategies or refine the old ones without jeopardizing actual capital.

The Basics of Paper Trading
The Basics of Paper Trading

Paper trading mimics real market events and data to provide participants with a genuine experience. They work in a controlled environment where their actions have no influence on the actual market in any way.

Just like in real trading, you set investment objectives, perform suitable trading practices, and make brave investment choices.

Various simulated trading platforms, like Altrady, offer advanced features and tools to let practitioners test their ideas and hone their skills using virtual money.

Learn more about paper trading basics here!

Benefits of Paper Trading

Risk-free environment to learn trading strategies: You can practice trading ideas in a no-risk environment where you will never experience a financial setback, even if you have made a bad trade.

Opportunity to test methods without financial consequences: You can experiment with various strategies to check whether they generate desired results in real trading scenarios. Use the trial-and-error process to fine-tune your methods before you try them in the real market with your real money. 

Gain confidence before investing real money: New traders gain hands-on experience while making mistakes without the fear or stress of financial consequences. They get familiar with the market rhythms and platform tools, which allows them to gain confidence over time naturally.

Learn more at Altrady's Crypto Academy.

Limitations and Challenges of Paper Trading

Emotional detachment: In paper trading, there is lack of emotional investment, as there is no real money at stake. Participants may not experience emotions like fear, greed, and excitement. This makes them unprepared for the psychological pressures of live trading.

Potential for unrealistic trading results: Paper trading does not accurately reflect trading behavior like slippage and liquidity of the actual marketing. It can lead to positive trading results, setting unrealistic hopes among novice traders who may not be prepared for the live trading complexities.  

Overconfidence: Traders may become overconfident due to the lack of monetary loss. This can lead them to take riskier positions or overtrade in the real market, causing significant financial losses.

Comparison Table of Paper Trading Platforms


Tools Available

Market Simulations

User Interface


Multiple trading bots, Smart Orders, Risk Management


Intuitive and customizable for beginners and advanced traders platform


Comprehensive charting tools, Options statistics


Complex, best for advanced users


Advanced charting capabilities, Social trading features


User-friendly, customizable


Copy trading, Social trading network


Sleek, easy navigation



How to Get Started with Paper Trading 

Set up your paper trading account with Altrady by following these simple steps: 

  1. Open Altrady.com 
  2. Sign up for an account by entering the basic information, like your email address. 
  3. Open the trading section of the platform and activate the paper trading mode. 
  4. Customize the settings of your virtual account as per your goals. 
  5. Explore its features to make the most out of it. 
  6. Start trading.

Explore Altrady's Free Paper Trading Plan here.

Transitioning from Paper Trading to Real Trading

When transitioning from paper to real trading, you must look for the following signs to determine whether you are ready for it: 

  • You have gained enough knowledge about trading and the platform you plan to use. 
  • You have been making profits for several months now. 
  • You have practiced your trading strategy numerous times and are now comfortable with it. 
  • You are financially stable and can afford to lose. 
  • You can handle the physiological pressure associated with loss and profit. 
  • You have an effective risk management strategy consisting of fixed guidelines.

View Altrady's Pricing Plans to start trading with real funds.

Transitioning from Paper Trading to Real Trading


Paper trading offers many benefits, such as risk-free strategy testing and improved understanding of market mechanisms. However, despite these benefits, it has some limitations, including a lack of emotional realism and overconfidence among traders, which you must remember.

Paper trading should be a part of traders' education as it allows them to practice trading strategies and methods without making financial losses. 

So, sign up for a demo account to perfect your trading skills with virtual money! Get your hands on the additional reading material or enroll in a course to become a knowledgeable and proficient trader.


Catalin is the co-founder of Altrady. With a background in Marketing, Business Development & Software Development. With more than 15 years of experience working in Startups or large corporations. 


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Paper trading is a safe and secure method of practicing trading without using real money. This article will explain the essentials of paper trading so you can start your trading journey with confidence!
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