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Published On: May 8, 2024
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Interview with Michaël van de Poppe | Founder of MN Trading


Altrady was honored to receive valuable feedback from Michaël van de Poppe, the esteemed founder of MN Trading. Michaël graciously shared his insightful thoughts about our company, shedding light on his experiences with Altrady and offering invaluable perspectives on choosing and collaborating with our platform.

Who is Michaël van de Poppe?

Michaël van de Poppe

Michaël van de Poppe, a 30-year-old Economist, Crypto Expert, and Trader from the Netherlands, began his crypto journey in February 2017 when he was introduced to Bitcoin and altcoins by a friend. Captivated by blockchain's potential to revolutionize finance, Michaël swiftly immersed himself, making his first altcoin purchase - Digibyte - on Litebit that very day.

Recognizing the transformative power of blockchain technology, Michaël transitioned to full-time crypto trading at the start of 2018, post-bull market. In the same year, he founded MN Trading, initially a crypto community aimed at education and skill development. As the company grew, Michaël launched the Crypto 101 Course in 2023, followed by Trading 101 in April 2024, sharing his expertise gained over 6 years and two bear markets.

Driven by a vision of financial empowerment, Michaël evolved MN Trading into MN Trading Consultancy in November 2023, offering personalized consultancy and Asset Management solutions to individuals and corporations seeking to navigate the crypto landscape.

Michaël's mission is clear: to educate and empower others, fostering financial freedom and stability through expert guidance in the evolving world of cryptocurrency and finance.

Can you provide a brief overview of MN Trading Consultancy and its primary objectives in the digital asset management consultancy sector?

We strive to make the abstract world of cryptocurrency understandable for everyone. To accomplish that, we provide a service that lets anyone, regardless of their experience, interest, or knowledge, invest in the cryptocurrency asset class.
We strive to become a globally trusted and transparent advisor for individuals and corporations interested in cryptocurrency by providing a clear outlook on the cryptocurrency markets to our clients.

How did you first discover Altrady, and what factors led you to choose it as your digital asset management platform?

We discovered Altrady through a meeting at one of the 2023 conferences, Bitcoin Amsterdam. After that brief chat, multiple meetings were scheduled, and due diligence was done, which led to the conclusion that Altrady was an optimal solution for an internal problem of MN Trading Consultancy: executing trading for our clients.

Could you share some specific challenges or pain points that MN Trading Consultancy faced prior to using Altrady?

Our clients prefer self-custody over their assets, through which they’d like to keep their digital assets in their wallets on an exchange. In that manner, it’s relatively hard to execute trades on their behalf if there’s no access to the actual wallet (for trading purposes solely). Multiple routes were discovered, but Altrady and their smooth execution with multiple exchanges has provided a key solution for execution on the trades for our clients in which the clients remain to have their assets within their own wallet and MN Trading Consultancy is only allowed to perform trades on the Spot markets.

What are some of Altrady's standout features that have significantly impacted streamlining your digital asset management processes?

Altrady has smooth access to all the exchanges connected within the Altrady trading platform. The clients operate on several different platforms, so it might be difficult to operate a complex trading strategy within one platform, Altrady. However, all latency and execution are done in a smooth and transparent process, through which MN Trading Consultancy’s complex strategy can be executed properly. The direct contact with the Altrady team and the additional features to fulfill our needs have established an even better experience and streamlined the execution process of digital asset management more efficiently.

How was the onboarding experience with Altrady, and what did you like the most?

The onboarding process with Altrady has been great. The direct contact with the team is a great feature, and it has smoothed the entire process of onboarding and trade execution. When you’re dealing with a consultancy and digital asset management firm, having direct contact with a service provider is a must-have, and Altrady has been providing that in a great way.

Can you discuss any notable efficiency, productivity, or performance improvements that MN Trading Consultancy has experienced since adopting Altrady?

Through opting-in on Altrady, the execution was done on multiple accounts and platforms, which was the first big step forward for MN Trading Consultancy. However, as a complex, active trading strategy is being used within the trading model of MN Trading Consultancy, this was very time-consuming to operate on a daily basis. In close contact with Altrady’s team, a new custom-made feature was added to the platform, through which the process became 90% more efficient than before, which made it possible for MN Trading Consultancy to scale up the entire business and increase productivity.

In your opinion, what sets Altrady apart from other digital asset management platforms available in the market?

The features that stand out while doing business with Altrady in comparison to other partners:

  • Direct access to the team for emergency measures or custom-made upgrades on the service provided to MN Trading Consultancy.
  • Smooth onboarding process. 
  • Direct access to a large variety of exchanges to execute trades.
  • Low latency and smooth execution on all of those exchanges.

This entails what a digital asset management partner is looking for while operating on Altrady.

Based on your experience, what advice or recommendations would you offer to other businesses considering Altrady for their digital asset management needs?

Starting a digital asset management firm is a time-consuming and, quite often, very costly process. However, through a partner like Altrady, it’s possible to start trading for your clients in an early stage of the operation. By using a service provider like Altrady, risks are lowered, enabling digital asset management firms to establish a track record and scale up significantly in the early stages of their business.

Would retail traders benefit from using Altrady instead of trading on exchanges?

Most retail traders are happy at their exchange, but Altrady can be a great outcome for retail traders for multiple reasons. If you’re using an active trading strategy, the execution of an exchange might be difficult to do. At the same time, Altrady can enhance the smooth transaction of this strategy by implementing several important features. Additionally, if retail traders are using multiple exchanges, Altrady increases the efficiency of using all these platforms within their own platform. 


Catalin is the co-founder of Altrady. With a background in Marketing, Business Development & Software Development. With more than 15 years of experience working in Startups or large corporations. 


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Interview with Michaël van de Poppe | Founder of MN Trading

Altrady was honored to receive valuable feedback from Michaël van de Poppe, the esteemed founder of MN Trading. Michaël graciously shared his insightful thoughts about our company, shedding light on his experiences with Altrady and offering invaluable perspectives on choosing and collaborating with our platform.
May 8, 2024
6 min