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More than 90% of cryptocurrency traders fail and lose money. They say that it’s because of volatile markets and rash decisions. Whatever it is, we don’t want to witness another failure.

We don’t promise you heaven — but we promise to help you win trades, get better profits, and build your assets consistently.

We do this by equipping you with the right tools, like Advanced Smart Trading, Bots, Base(QFL), and Scalping Scanners, so you can create a sense of predictability in market movements and make the right trading decisions for better profits.

Save time so that you can do other things.

The majority of traders say that crypto trading is toxic and time-consuming.

With Altrady, we hope to give you a better chance of having a fulfilling life that is not isolated from the real world.

Features like real-time crypto alerts and automated trading let you monitor markets and trade crypto even when you are asleep or spending time with your family.

Altrady makes trading simple for your convenience.

Trading on different exchanges is complicated, confusing, and overwhelming. Altrady simplifies the process by giving you an all-in-one platform to trade, monitor markets, and manage assets across different exchanges.

Use Altrady’s trading terminal to buy and sell crypto on multiple exchanges using only the Altrady app and portfolio manager to see the growth of your assets in different exchange wallets.

Obtain vital information so that you can make objective trading decisions.

Emotions can get in the way of strategic trading — they can easily make you excited, panicky, and fearful.

Altrady’s powerful crypto signals are generated by unique algorithms not influenced by random emotions, therefore neutralizing trading emotions so you can make strategic and objective trading decisions.

Powerful tools so that you can grow in experience and expertise.

More than 80% of new traders quit in the first two years.

With a lot of challenges, quitting can be quickly done. Although trading is a learning process, we can’t afford to lose all the time.

Altrady helps you learn and grow with minimum risk and with maximum potential.

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- The All-in-One Crypto Trading Platform

Great Platform

Great platform with a big variety of trading features, including ladder orders, smart orders, and bots. Very accessible and no-nonsense team. Quick response from the helpdesk, also late at night or on weekends. If there is an issue, Benoist (founder) and his team jump in to solve, fix or improve.


Support and platform 5+ stars!

I've had multiple questions and requests for support. But besides the truly mindblowing service level, the platform is hands-down the best I've used thus far. Bye-bye, 3commas, and welcome Altrady!!


Fast and reliable trading platform

Fast and reliable trading platform. Great ability to link many different exchanges. Built-in trading Signal bot works super well. Good profits. Customer service works fast. Also accessible through different channels (Discord, chat). Problems/questions I asked were resolved quickly. All in all a nice and reliable platform to use.

Jeroen Jansen

Simple easy platform to use

Simple easy platform to use even for beginners and has real customer service. Had an issue with my account and within 15mins had it sorted. Great service.

Christian Sanson

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