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Published On: Jun 9, 2023
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KuCoin Trading Bot Review: Simplify and Enhance Your Crypto Trading Experience

Crypto trading has become a lucrative investment domain, but the complexities involved can be overwhelming for experts. To address this challenge, numerous tools have been developed to streamline the trading process. Among them, the KuCoin trading bot stands out as a promising solution. In this review, we will delve into the features and benefits of the KuCoin trading bot and explore alternative options for advanced traders.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2017 by Eric Don and Michael Gan in Seychelles. With a user base of over 10 million across 200 countries and listing 500+ cryptocurrencies, KuCoin provides easy access to digital currencies worldwide. The platform offers a range of services, including buying, selling, trading, staking, and various trading options such as peer-to-peer, margin, and futures trading.

Introducing KuCoin Trading Bot

To simplify the trading process and enable investors to trade without constantly monitoring the markets, KuCoin introduced its trading bot in early 2021. Powered by artificial intelligence and algorithms, the KuCoin trading bot identifies optimal trading opportunities and executes trades automatically. Although initially offered limited features, the platform has continuously evolved, currently providing five different trading strategies with the promise of more.

Features of KuCoin Trading Bot

Mobile Application: KuCoin's trading bot is accessible exclusively through the platform's mobile app, which offers an interactive user interface and unique features like a floating window. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and provides access to a dedicated Telegram group for exchanging ideas and trading strategies.

Accessibility and Versatility: The bot's design is straightforward and intuitive, catering to both novice and experienced traders. While the features are not highly customizable, they offer simplicity and ease of use, allowing even beginners to make profitable trades. However, advanced traders may find other options more suitable for extensive customization.

Top-tier Security: KuCoin has established a strong reputation in the industry for its security measures, and the trading bot is no exception. The bot operates within the secure KuCoin ecosystem, eliminating the need for external API keys. Although no trading bot can guarantee complete protection against market losses, KuCoin ensures a safe environment for users.

24/7 Customer Support: KuCoin provides a dedicated help center within the trading bot section, offering various articles and FAQs to address users' queries. If additional assistance is required, users can submit a support ticket and expect a response from the support staff within a reasonable timeframe.

Completely Free: Unlike many other bot providers that charge monthly fees, KuCoin offers its trading bot for free. Users only need to cover the regular trading costs associated with the platform.

Multiple Bots at a Time: KuCoin allows users to deploy up to ten bots simultaneously, enabling diversified trading across different markets and minimizing risk by allocating funds across various strategies.

Alternative Trading Bots for KuCoin

For advanced traders seeking more sophisticated features and comprehensive trading capabilities, several third-party trading bots can be integrated with KuCoin. Here are three unique options:

See Why Altrady Is a Better Kucoin Bot Alternative

Altrady Trading Bot: Altrady is an advanced trading platform that supports integration with over 17 exchanges, including KuCoin. Developed by traders for traders, Altrady offers a wide range of advanced bots such as GRID bots, Signal bots, QFL bots & DCA bots,  portfolio management, OCO orders, trailing stop orders, and more.

CryptoHopper Trading Bot: CryptoHopper is an all-in-one platform that provides various services, including trading bots, exchange arbitrage, copy trading, backtesting, and strategy design. It also offers a marketplace for additional trading tools and services, allowing users to customize their trading.

Bitsgap Trading Bot: Bitsgap is a popular trading bot that can be downloaded for free. It supports over 25 different trading platforms, including Poloniex and Binance, allowing you to trade on multiple exchanges. Before investing real money, you can try the bots in Bitsgap's trial trading mode.

Pros & Cons of KuCoin Trading Bot


  • No need to connect with third-party services
  • Simultaneously use up to ten bots
  • No fees for these strategies
  • Active community on Telegram for assistance
  • Offers a wide range of coins for trading


  • The minimum deposit limit for funds is relatively high
  • Limited to the platform's strategies


How does the KuCoin trading bot work?

The KuCoin trading bot operates based on the settings you define. The profitability of your trades depends on the strategy you choose to adopt. Using a trading bot provides flexibility, allowing you to trade at any time, day or night.

Is the KuCoin trading bot reliable?

The trading bot from Kucoin is generally considered reliable. However, its effectiveness depends on setting suitable parameters and monitoring market movements within your chosen time frame. Keep in mind that the bot is designed for novice traders and may not handle complex parameters found in more advanced bots.

Can you lose money with trading bots?

It's important to note that trading bots can potentially result in financial losses. The bot's trading outcome is influenced by the settings you define and market changes.


The KuCoin trading bot is suitable for beginners who prefer a straightforward approach. It can be used for dollar-cost averaging (DCA) and smart rebalancing. To stay updated with the latest information, consider joining the trading bot community on Telegram. The KuCoin trading site is well-known, and its bot is secure and legal. Furthermore, you can benefit from the extensive range of supported currencies and tokens. With KuCoin, you don't need to spend money on trading tactics.


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