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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Altrady

Over 90% of crypto traders lose money due to volatility and impulsive decisions.
Avoid losses with caution and powerful crypto trading features.


Save Time

Streamline your trading process and save time with Altrady's all-in-one crypto trading terminal.


Manage Risks

Altrady's risk calculator is the ultimate tool for managing your crypto trading risks. With our easy-to-use calculator, you can quickly determine the potential risk and reward of any trade, so you can make informed decisions and maximize your profits



Altrady's automation tools can help boost your profitability by streamlining your trading process and eliminating human error. With features such as smart trading, and advanced trading bots, you can make more trades in less time and with greater accuracy. Take your trading to the next level with Altrady's automation tools and maximize your profits today.

Learn Why Traders Made The Move To Us

80,000+ traders use Altrady to manage crypto trading investments.

We are rated “Excellent” by traders on Trustpilot.

And many partners trust us.

Stay ahead of the game with Altrady's cutting-edge features.

Altrady's features are built with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, so you can focus on what matters most - your trades.



Smart Trading

Using trade automation is critical to increasing the number of trades you can do.
 Set up your entry and exit settings and let the system take over.


Real-Time Position PNL

No matter how many trades you make, with Altrady you always know where you are in terms of profit and loss. We automatically calculate your past trades, including fees paid to exchanges.


Trade On Multiple Exchanges

One way to trade on all your top crypto exchanges. No more learning curve for using a new crypto exchange and the ability to use all the advanced features most exchanges don't offer.


Real-Time Crypto Alerts

Every trader wants to act fast. Seeing the market's real-time picture and receiving instant alerts of prices, trades, and order books is essential. In Altrady, all price info and alerts are real-time, and you receive notifications on the desktop, mobile, and email.


Advanced Trading

Default orders are fine, but with advanced orders you can create ladders, trailing stops and even one-cancels-the-other orders.


Crypto Base Scanner

Based on the strategy of Quickfingers Luc, this scanner will automatically find great markets to trade.


Scalping Scanner

Use Quick Scan to find fast price changes on any market and make profitable trades.


Portfolio Manager

If you are a trader or an investor, keeping track of your asset distribution and value over time is crucial 
to maintain a healthy crypto portfolio.
 Monitor assets on both centralized exchanges and cold wallets.


Trade Based Analytics

To understand if your portfolio growth is created by trading or holding, it's essential to understand your trade base profit and loss. 
It’s also important to understand which markets work well for you and which markets are not.


TradingView Charts

Charting is an essential tool for any crypto trader. We offer widely used Trading View charts with our own enhanced functions for trading.


Grid Bot With Trailing Up & Down

Enjoy the power of Altrady Grid Bot.


Signal Bot For Spot & Futures

Enjoy the power of Altrady Signal Bot. You can use our proprietary signal based on the QFL strategy from our partners or add your signal using the webhook function.


Paper Trading - Free Plan Forever

Use Paper Trading to test your crypto strategies without risk.


Market Watchlists

Every trader has a list of the markets they like that fit their trading style.


Integrated Trade Journal

Are you new to crypto trading and looking for a way to test your strategies without risking real money? Look no further than our paper trading feature!

Start Trading With Altrady Today

With our platform's unique tools,
Altrady has empowered over 70,000 traders!

Manage and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Reviews Altrady

Real Traders Share Their Experience with Altrady

- The All-in-One Crypto Trading Platform

Great Platform

Great platform with a big variety of trading features, including ladder orders, smart orders, and bots. Very accessible and no-nonsense team. Quick response from the helpdesk, also late at night or on weekends. If there is an issue, Benoist (founder) and his team jump in to solve, fix or improve.


Support and platform 5+ stars!

I've had multiple questions and requests for support. But besides the truly mindblowing service level, the platform is hands-down the best I've used thus far. Bye-bye, 3commas, and welcome Altrady!!


Fast and reliable trading platform

Fast and reliable trading platform. Great ability to link many different exchanges. Built-in trading Signal bot works super well. Good profits. Customer service works fast. Also accessible through different channels (Discord, chat). Problems/questions I asked were resolved quickly. All in all a nice and reliable platform to use.

Jeroen Jansen

Simple easy platform to use

Simple easy platform to use even for beginners and has real customer service. Had an issue with my account and within 15mins had it sorted. Great service.

Christian Sanson

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Meet the Dubai Team

Benoist Claassen

Hi, my name is Benoist Claassen and I'm the founder and CEO of Altrady.
I created Altrady to make trading easier and quicker, so you can focus on the things that really matter in live and still make a profit in the Crypto Markets

You can find me on Youtube and Twitter 
Telegram @benoist

Catalin Boruga

Hi, my name is Catalin, and I'm the CMO at Altrady. I joined Altrady because I believe that crypto trading should be accessible to everyone.

You can contact me via email on
Or Telegram @bosvrum

FAQ Altrady Crypto Trading Platform

What is the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform?

The Altrady Crypto Trading Platform is a comprehensive trading platform designed to assist cryptocurrency traders in managing their portfolios, analyzing market trends, executing trades, and optimizing strategies. It provides a range of features to help traders make informed decisions in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies.

How do I access the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform?

To access the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform, you need to create an account on the Altrady website. Once you've registered, you can connect your exchange accounts to the platform using API keys. This allows Altrady to access your trading data for analysis and execution.

What features does the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform offer?

The Altrady Crypto Trading Platform offers a variety of features, including:

  • Free Paper Trading Plan ForeverSmart Trading
  • Trailing Stop Loss and Trailing Take Profit
  • Ladder & OCO Orders
  • Connect with 16+ exchanges (CEX & DEX's)
  • Uniswap V2 & V3 Integration: Charting and linking to markets(more to come)
  • Risk Calculator: Show the risk-reward ratio you take with the current position. It also adjusts the investment size if you update the risk %
  • GRID Bots + Backtesting - Trailing Up & Down for GRID bots
  • Signal Bot + Webhook
  • DCA Bot
  • QFL Bot
  • Futures Trading
  • Mobile, Desktop, and Browser apps.
  • QFL signals (3commas QFL signal is ours)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Multi-account portfolio with sub-accounts
  • Cold Wallet Portfolio
  • Trading Analytics
  • Price Alerts
  • Trading Journal
  • Market Scanners: proprietary Base Scanner and Quick Scan
  • Position PnL Tracker
  • Market Explorer (think of Coinmarketcap inside the app)
  • Multi-charts
  • Arbitrage analytics
  • Automatic Take profit and Stop loss based on % and allow you to close with buying to base or selling quote. - This would then send you notifications of when this happens.

Start conditions based on price.(conditional orders)

Is the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform is designed to cater to traders of all experience levels, including beginners. The platform's user-friendly interface and educational resources make it accessible to those who are new to cryptocurrency trading.

Can I use the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform on multiple exchanges?

Yes, the Altrady platform supports integration with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. This allows you to manage and trade across different exchanges from a single unified interface.

Is my trading data secure on the Altrady platform?

Altrady takes data security seriously. The platform uses encryption and secure API connections to protect your trading data and API keys. However, it's important to follow best practices, such as keeping your API keys confidential and regularly updating your passwords.

Can I access the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform on mobile devices?

Yes, Altrady offers a mobile app that allows you to access the platform's features on the go. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Are there fees associated with using the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform?

Yes, Altrady offers different subscription plans with varying features. You can find detailed information about the pricing structure on the Altrady website.

Please note that while Altrady's platform aims to provide useful tools for trading, cryptocurrency trading involves risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Always do your own research and consider your risk tolerance before making trading decisions.

What is the best crypto trading platform?

The "best" crypto trading platform can vary depending on individual preferences, trading goals, and requirements. Different platforms have different features, fees, and user experiences. Altrady aims to be the worldwide crypto trading platform.


Practice trading with no risk and no time limit!

Altrady's free forever paper trading plan is the perfect way to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence.

After the 14 days free trial, you will have unlimited access to the Free Paper Trading Plan.