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Last Update: 2021-12-17

Real Time Crypto Alerts by Altrady

Multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading platforms play an essential role in the success of crypto traders worldwide. They make crypto trading a lot more convenient by offering a simple platform where users can manage their trades and keep track of their digital assets from multiple crypto exchanges in a single interface. 

Among the top multi-exchange cryptocurrency API trading platforms, users have evidently recognized the leadership of Altrady when it comes to sending real-time alerts and responding to customer feedback. 

Although Coinigy and Bitsgap relatively support more cryptocurrency exchanges than other trading platforms, they seem to lag behind the standard of sending real-time alerts. As users observe, it is the Altrady cryptocurrency app that has the technological prowess to send accurate and real-time crypto alerts to its users. 

But why are crypto alerts even a big deal when deciding which crypto trading platform to choose? As we all know, cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile - prices can move up or down at an instant. A trader’s chance to either win or lose trades can depend on the right timing, the right strategy, and the right tools. 

When looking for a reliable crypto trading platform, it is necessary to choose one that offers fast and accurate price notifications so that you could make the right trading decisions that would grow your portfolio and minimize your risks. With Altrady’s websockets connection and unique algorithms, you can certainly receive real-time alerts to help propel your crypto trading success.  

Responsive Customer Communication and Product Development 

Altrady has its own share of humble beginnings - starting from its founder’s own trading struggles and his desire to come up with a functional tool to make crypto trading easier. It was 2017 when Benoist Claassen used his programming knowledge aided by his friend’s design skills that they developed Crypto Base Scanner, a software product focusing on crypto market and price analyses. In less than three years, the company has grown into a much bigger name with thousands of traders relying on its innovative technology. 

It was partly because of the management’s openness to receiving feedback that they were able to improve and upgrade their software to what it is right now. The warmth of Altrady’s customer support is incomparable to other companies as proven by its management’s active involvement in various communication channels. 

Web-Based Trading, New Portfolio, Notes Widget & Other Updates with Altrady v3.0 

The release of Altrady Version 3.0 further positions Altrady as one of the leading companies in the crypto trading industry. Now with a web-based trading feature, Altrady users can have a more mobile experience that is constrained neither by location nor a single device. Trading can happen anytime and anywhere. 

Apart from in-browser trading that has multi-screen support, Altrady v3.0 also features a revamped portfolio that presents a more comprehensive, detailed, and organized information for efficient tracking of digital assets across different exchanges. 

Furthermore, Altrady traders can take advantage of the new notes widget that could serve as a trading journal to record their thoughts and analyses regarding crypto movements. Some elements of Altrady’s interface have also been improved to provide an upgrade in the overall trading experience of its users. 

Base Scanner & Quick Scanner Features

Back in July 2019 when Altrady was still considered as an emerging name in the crypto trading industry, it already had a huge advantage - its Base Scanner and Quick Scanner tools. These features were effectively leveraged by the management to promote a simple, accessible, and convenient trading application that is equipped with powerful tools to help traders maximize their profits and minimize their risks. 

Essentially, Altrady features the same functionality of other multi-exchange crypto trading platforms like Coinigy, Bitsgap, and Quadency. Just like these big names, Altrady also provides API integration to multiple crypto exchange accounts, an interactive single charting interface, single portfolio management for multiple exchange wallets, trading from across exchanges using one dashboard, and so much more. However, Altrady clearly leads the industry when it comes to automatic crypto market analyses, real-time alerts, and responsive customer support. 

With an extensive growth in its subscriber list and constant developments in its technology, Altrady is poised to become the best platform for cryptocurrency trading very soon. As we wait for it to happen, we are hoping to see more trading platforms take the challenge of making crypto traders’ lives easier.

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