13 - Bases Info widget

Bases Widget Info

The Bases Info widget contains the list of markets the Crypto Base Scanner algorithm found.

Why do you need Base info?

It is a great assistant if you want to find a market with strong support levels.

How to setup Bases:

  • create a filter preset, to do it, click the “Settings” icon.
  • Then click the “plus” to create a preset
  • Enter the name and click Save.
  • Turn the filters On.
  • Click “Add” to add an exchange and select the one you want to use.
  • Then select the currencies from the list;
  • You can add more exchanges & coins if you click “add” again.
  • Set a 24-hour volume range for the market
  • The next step is to set a 24-hour volume range for the market. You can set it either in BTC or USD;
  • Now you need to define the drop range. Usually, traders are interested in drops starting from 3% and deeper.
  • The success rate is the percentage of the times the price dropped more than 3% below the base and returned to the base (which we also consider as the “respected base”;
  • Note that the active market success rate can never be 100% because at least one base is not respected when it’s active;
  • You can also set the maximum days it takes on average for the price to return to the base;
  • Finally, make sure to save your preset by clicking the Save icon;
  • Now you can wait for the markets to appear on the list.

On the Active Bases tab, you will find a list of markets with the following:

  • Market name
  • The 24-hour volume in USD and BTC;
  • The success rate;
  • How much time ago the base has been cracked;
  • The current drop percentage;
  • And the median drop percentage.

Select a particular market

To select a particular market, just click the market name from the list. This will replace your currently open market.

If you can right-click the market item to open the market. It will replace the current one.

  • Open in a new tab;
  • Save the base, and later you can find it on the “Saved” tab of the bases widget;
  • Hide the base, if you have already checked it and don’t want to see this base crack again;
  • Copy the market name;
  • Add the market to the Watch list or assign a color tag in the Watch list.

Find the exact market

If you want to find the exact market or explore other markets on your exchange that are not in the list:

  • Go to the Exchange tab;
  • Select the exchange you need;
  • Find the market on the list.

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