15 - Crypto Market Alerts

Crypto Alerts Info

The Crypto Market Alerts widget allows you to create, filter, edit, delete crypto signals, and receive alerts when a particular market reaches a specific price.

How to Create a Crypto Alert?

  • click the “Alert” button on top of the chart or start typing the price in the Alerts widget
  • You can set the price manually or click the crosshair icon and click on the chart to set the price
  • To adjust the price, drag the alert item on the chart to a specific price
  • After that, you can select a sound for the notification
  • And add a note to this alert
  • Click “Save”

How to Filter a Crypto Alert?

Once the alert is created, you will see all the alerts on the My Alerts widget.Here you can filter them to show:

  • Alerts for the current market only;
  • Alerts for all markets;
  • Active alerts;
  • Or past alerts.

How to Edit a Crypto Alert?

  • Click the pencil icon on My Alerts widget
  • Adjust the price
  • Edit the sound of the alert
  • Edit the note.

How to Delete a Crypto Alert?

  • just click the trash bin icon.

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