09- Order book widgets

Altrady has two types of Order book widgets:

  • horizontal
  • vertical

On the Widgets menu, you can select which type you want to use, depending on your layout.

The order book shows you the highest and the lowest bids to buy and sell orders:

  • Bids are offerings to buy your coin for a certain price
  • Asks are requests to sell at a particular price

Examining the information on this widget can help you understand more about the market depth, and make a better trading decision.

Buy and Sell walls

Another important trading information you can find on the Order book is Buy and Sell walls. They are shown as bolder numbers. Green walls represent the support of the coin and sell walls - the resistance of the coin.

If you right-click any line on the widget, you can perform a couple of quick actions:

  • Create a buy order
  • Create a sell order
  • Or create an alert, at the price of the selected line.

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