12 - Quick Scan alerts

Quick Scan for Scalping

The Quick Scan widget lets you find the markets that experience a sudden and significant price change, either drop or rise.

How do you set up the Quick Scan filter to receive alerts?

Click the settings icon, then:

  • Create your first preset by clicking the “Plus” icon
  • Enter the preset name and click “Save.”
  • Select a time frame for the price change (You can choose between 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes time frame)
  • Select notification sounds for Rise, Drop, and Fat Finger alerts and checks if you want to receive a desktop notification.
  • Now you need to add a rule
  • Select the exchange you want to find markets on
  • Type in the markets or currencies you want to receive notifications for
  • Remove low-volume markets by setting a minimum 24-hour volume, and you can set it either in BTC or USD
  • Set alert thresholds for the drop, rise, and fat finger; (you can disable each of the alert types if you don’t need them)

The first rule is ready and you can create another one if needed.

Below the rules, you can exclude some markets by market name, currency, or minimum price from the scanner. It helps to avoid “barcode” charts that are hard to trade.

Lastly make sure to save your preset and wait for the next alert.

Once you receive an alert, you will see one or more items on the Quick Scan widget; here you can see:

  • The market name
  • 24 hour volume in USD and BTC
  • Chart preview
  • The drop or rise percentage and how much time ago that happened

Clicking on any of these items will open a chart and will replace the currently open chart. However, you can also right-click the item to find the menu to:

  • Open a market (replacing current chart)
  • Open in a new tab
  • Exclude the market, to prevent it from showing up again
  • Copy market name
  • Add the market to a watch list and assign the watch list tag color

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