05- Market Header for a specific market


In the market header, below the tabs, you can find important market information related to the currently selected market.The star icon shows if the market is on your watch list.

Add or Remove a Market

You can add or remove the market from a watch list by simply clicking the Star icon, the exchange logo, and the market name.

Replace a Market

If you want to replace this market with another, click on the market name to open a market selection window where you can choose any of the available markets.

If you right-click it, you can copy the market name, add or remove it from the watch list and assign a watch list color tag;

Last Price Indicator

The last price indicates:

  • the current price of the market with the estimated USD price.
  • a percentage of the price change within the last 24 hours
  • highest price
  • lowest price
  • and the 24-hour volume of the selected market

Lastly, you can find the Trading Account selector, which lets you quickly jump between your accounts or add a new one.