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Moon Bitcoin Live Overview: Is It Really an Awesome Investment?

Last Update: 2022-06-02

Moon Bitcoin Live Overview: Is It Really an Awesome Investment?

Many financial crises happened in the last few years due to natural disasters. The one which has totally changed the lifestyle worldwide was Covid-19. That was the time when people looked for online investing, and the crypto market got massive traffic. When everyone was confined to their houses, making money through the market was really impractical. 

The existing platforms have become more stable, and many news sources have been introduced in the market. Moon Bitcoin Live is also one of them, which is actually a shortcut to earning Bitcoin without effort. Most of the crypto experts called it a scam and illegal platform. If you are looking forward to making Bitcoin through this platform, wait a minute.

Go through the information provided in the article and then finalize your decision. You will find it life savior as you know every bit about the Moon Bitcoin Live.  

What is Moon Bitcoin Live?

Every time the crypto market touches the high points, people start looking for shortcuts to profit. A few years ago, this wasn't real, and investors didn't believe in blockchain concepts. But today, every other person wants to own any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. For that purpose, they look for a shortcut and inexpensive way. Many platforms realized this aspect and started offering mine or double Bitcoin for free. 

Moon Bitcoin Live is one of them claiming to double your Bitcoins within 24 hours. According to them, unlike other such protocols, this platform has something worth trusting. You don't need to log in to many different places like other scamming platforms do. All you need to do is put your Bitcoin wallet address and go on. 

Moreover, if you are a beginner, then this platform is imposing to start with. The interface is simple to understand, and you can make easy transactions without getting into real trouble.

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Fully Diluted Market Cap $7,077,535.68

Features & Flaws of Moon Bitcoin Live

Many Bitcoins doubler platforms are nothing more than a scam or hacking tactics. But it can be accurate, and maybe they exist. To gain users' trust, every platform offers different features and ensures your security. If we talk about the Moon Bitcoin Live, three central components are listed on their official website. You may disagree with them, or you had a different experience, but this is what we found about this doubler website.

Let's get into it!

1.Trusted Bitcoin Investment

The first aspect that makes Moon Bitcoin Live a legal platform is easy-to-follow steps for doubling your coins. This platform offers you to trade anonymously, and no need for any identification process. Apart from that, you don't have to purchase any membership plan or other login details to take part in investing. 

Moon Bitcoin Live called itself the first trusted doubling platform and showed proof to the users. You are allowed to double a minimum amount of 0.01 BTC to a maximum of 5 BTC at a single time. On their landing page, there is information listed about the real-time transactions and how many investors are already benefited through it. 

Over this, you can check the details about these transactions on their platform. These details included the date and time of transactions and the Bitcoin wallet's address which received those payments. You can even see the status of these transactions by clicking on the BTC investment address. This would lead you to the Blockchain page, where every bit of history has been listed. 

Moon Bitcoin Live ensures the transactions are on time and the delay would never be more than 24 hours. And it's all due to the emergency savings wallet, which immediately indicates the failed doubling. These wallets serve like crypto wallets and make sure your doubled amount is safe and secure from hacking. 

The platform also talked about the risk-free Bitcoin earning; however, they don't have any supporting information on this statement. It's hard to believe without knowing the mechanism of doubling Bitcoin. The protocol said it was due to their unique algorithm system and revealed nothing more than this. 

2. It's 100% Secure

With the evolution of cryptocurrencies, the hacking and scamming cases also increased from the past years. Since everything is online and based on technology, losing your assets is always there. Many crypto wallets were hacked in the past, and users got not out of their investments. Moon Bitcoin Live is also an online platform, and the threats are more vivid. 

To check the security level of any platform, you need to overview their license and registration as a legal forum. Multiple institutes have sets of guidelines and rules against security issues. If any protocol is based on their safety criteria, they announce it as a legal platform, and users can claim their investment in case of an unexpected event.

Moon Bitcoin Live announced that they are registered as a legal forum in the United Kingdom with Ltd. There is a properly scanned copy of the Incorporation Certificate displayed on the website. The document shows that it has passed a series of verification processes before offering service.  

However, there is a slight contradiction about their registration as the News Bitcoin experts found two different registration numbers. The registration number seen on the Certificate of Incorporation is 10714202. On the contrary, the website's footer shows that the registration number is 1051808. Although, it can't be possible because now the investment company has two numbers in a single time. 

The first number we mentioned in the above paragraph was allocated to Bitcoin Finance Ltd, which is a totally different company. The other number belongs to Crypto Zero Ltd and its entirely different platform. UK registrars found that they both didn't belong to Moon Bitcoin Live when the research was done about this suspected thing.

Till now, you might be in complete shock but wait. Something more exciting and horrible Is waiting for you. The office address mentioned on the website is just unreal. The certificate includes 'the companies act 2019', which is wrong, and the correct one is 'Companies Act 2006'. That's is not all, but this platform has no physical representation. 

3. Guaranteed Payouts

Many crypto platforms employ many in-depth verification processes to save you from any hacking incident. But Moon Bitcoin Live doesn't have anything like this. It's just a simple platform where anyone can post his Bitcoin wallet link and double the amount. This strategy is a red flag for investors and is used to attract users who are tired of lengthy procedures. 

The other thing which is suspicious about the platform is the lack of information. It didn't specify the steps you must follow after entering your BTC address. Also, there is nothing about what the platform does with your Bitcoins to double them. At the same time, the platform lost its credibility of secure transactions.

All the crypto platforms have predefined payment methods through where you can deposit or withdraw the amount. But there is nothing like that on Moon Bitcoin Live, and you have to figure on your own. Moreover, you will be urged to invest more while enticing you more commission on spending above 0.5 BTC. 

The transparency of the information and other details is the most effective way to build trust. The lack of information and many other contradictions are making this platform a suspicious agenda. These things may lead to confirming them a scam or Ponzi scheme. It's tough to believe until Moon Bitcoin Live reveals a thorough process that happened in the background. 

Above all, the user wants to have a crypto trading platform that is easy to excess and ensures the ultimate customer service. The beginner-friendly interface and predefined guidelines are always the favorite aspects of crypto enthusiasts. They don't want to tangle themselves with tricky things. 

Apart from that, every central crypto trading platform has its source of information for the users. They described their features in the term of blog posts and FAQs sections. However, nothing is like that on the Moon Bitcoin Live. There is no information about the future goals and experience except some transactional data. 

To get more users, Moon Bitcoin Live set a trap in the name of an affiliate program. By referring your friends and family members, you will get a 20% commission of their investment. But every expert crypto trader knows that it's simply useless and a way to fraud more people. After reading all these flaws, you won't agree with its guaranteed transaction feature. 

How Did the Moon Bitcoin Live Get Popular?

To describe the credibility of Moon Bitcoin Live, let's take a little example. After explaining a little calculation, we will see the reason behind its popularity. The platform claims that they have a process to double your income. Let's say a person has $100 and invested in Moon Bitcoin Live; he will get $200 the very next day.

According to the above calculation, the platform can own $819,200 at the end of each month by its process. But the question here is why they are so generous to the general public. They didn't define their own commission or fee on every transaction. That's a point to be pondered, and investors neglect it. The greed of becoming a millionaire in a very short time gets them into this trap.

Many so-called experts backed this platform and misguided the investors. It was not a realistic project. Just they bought some fake reviews and earned your trust. 

Is It Possible to Earn Free Bitcoins?

Yes, there are many ways to earn free Bitcoins, and they are legal. But the problem is, these are just infractions, and you have to wait a lot for one complete Bitcoin. Many faucets reward you with Bitcoin and allow you to withdraw them. Also, you can make coins through crypto mining which is also a difficult chapter. 

But if someone convinced you to go on a platform and make many Bitcoins overnight, there would surely be something wrong. Research about it and question every aspect until you ultimately believe in it. However, there is no such way, and you shouldn't believe these rumors.

List of Some Other Proven Scammers

Moon Bitcoin Live is the one, but the market is full of scammers. Here we listed five websites that scam you in the name of doubling your profit. 


It's just another unrealistic website that makes huge promises. The poor English on the website clearly shows how unprofessional they are. Also, you will get some return on your first investment and will never be listened to once you add a higher amount.


This platform also has a proven track record in scamming investment by showing multiple benefits to the customer. They called themselves well-established but still used stock photos. That's enough signal for a sensible person. 


Cryptomia247 pretends like the best exchange platform, but nothing in actuality. They trick the investors in the name of the nomadism concept. Although the platform gives you some return at the start, but then suddenly get ghosted with all of your investments.

This project used a different tactic to steal your investments, providing a profitable mining platform. They offer you an easy mining process without the need for high-quality hardware. If you are a beginner in mining, you will surely like their features because of less complexity. But in the end, you would get nothing in return.

Wintrust Expert Options

Wintrust Expert Options scammed using flashy promises and trap you in limited-time offers. It's more like Moon Bitcoin Live, which offers enormous profit quickly. They transfer other investors' money and attract big fish. 

How Can You Save Your Investment from Such Platforms?

The only thing that can get you into these agendas trap is less knowledge about the crypto market. You can get information from several resources, and the internet is flooded with information. Listen to the podcasts of industry experts as they deeply research the different aspects and come to a conclusion. The more you indulge yourself in the talk of the town, the more you will play safe.

Many quality investment newsletters give you brief insights, and you can easily figure out the scammers in the industry. You can even subscribe to their newsletters to stay updated about the market trends. It is also suggested to meet with crypto enthusiasts and share your knowledge. 

Make sure that the platform you will invest in is entirely legal. It has all terms and conditions in the documented form, and everything is clearly defined on the website—readout their white papers and registration certificate. Also, check whether the platform has any historical progress or just popped up after instant hype. At last, confirm that the features and their working process is making any sense?


Difference between Moon Bitcoin & Moon Bitcoin Live?

Moon Bitcoin is a Bitcoin faucet that allows you to earn coins for free. But this platform seems legal as they have a complete process of making Bitcoin. Users need to fill out different surveys and tasks, and the platform rewards them with Bitcoin. 

On the other hand, Moon Bitcoin Live is the platform for doubling your Bitcoin balance without effort and within 24 hours. All you need to do is put your Bitcoin address and receive the double amount according to them. But it doesn't work like that.

How is the Moon Bitcoin Live customer support?

You would never be entertained by the problems you have faced on this platform. People who used it and tried to contact them through email didn't respond. Moreover, the company number and office address are also wrong. They don't have any physical appearance. 

How do investors get into the trap of Moon Bitcoin Live?

They did a really pathetic thing by buying fake reviews to get more users. On trust pilot websites, the developer purchased many fake 5-star reviews to gain visitor trust. Many investors were tricked through these reviews and lost their investment.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Investing Platform?

You have heard a lot about the statement saying, 'Moon Bitcoin Live is an awesome investment.' Unfortunately, the reality is the opposite. There are many drawbacks to what they claim to provide. Having such an unpredictable or unstable platform, it's not sensible to believe in these promises. 

People's reviews are full of disappointment, and nothing is mentioned on the official website. It has also been proved that they have no physical existence, and it's a vast alarming situation. Owing to a prominent cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, making a profit takes time. It's impossible to double your assets within 24 hours without any effort.

So, if you were making up your mind about investing in this platform, don't take this risk. You might lose all of your assets in return for nothing. Can you even conduct your research and confirm it is real?

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